29 June 2006

My Harry Day

Well, I've had my Harry day today..not that I've seen much of him. He's been off playing with the boys next door. However, as Harry is a fan of my cheese scones, I made a batch and took them next door to supplement lunch as there were a couple of other ring-ins as well. Three hours later, and I finally arrived home. My lovely neighbour, Jane, had organised lunch for everyone (me included) so all up there was quite a crowd.

She had made a pizza for the boys which disappeared almost as soon as it hit the table. There were my scones, sausage rolls and for us adults a lovely Brie and crackers. Consequently, I don't think I will bother cooking dinner tonight as I over indulged and I just know my hips are going to regret it (sigh). Although, I will have my nightly glass of wine.

Anyway, at lunch the boys were talking about the World Cup soccer matches and about Australia being beaten by Italy, you know, typical boys' stuff, all the while stuffing their faces with Jane's delicious looking pizza. There was one slice left and I was thinking of trying it but I wasn't quick enough because someone ate it while I was still thinking about it! I didn't need it anyway...

The conversation then turned to movies and I mentioned that we're probably going to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Monday. Well, Mitchell and Scott (Jane's boys) were pleading, "Can we come, please, Robyn?" So it looks as if two carloads of us will be going, because the Misses Gabbie and Brooke are bringing friends as well. Anyway, I am really looking forward to the movie because I loved the first one and Johnny Depp is just such a cutie! I have yet to inform Ms Flossy about the extras, she won't mind though.

* * * *
I'm having a friend over for lunch tomorrow and I really can't make up my mind what to feed her. Not that Margaret is picky, not at all. It's me. I want to make something really nice and easy and my brain has gone into reverse. Ms Flossy gave me one idea and I did think of some cream of something soup with warmed herb and garlic butter crusty bread. I'd better make up my mind soon though, otherwise we will be going out for lunch. I'll have another look through my recipe books and maybe something will jump out at me. If the weather is anything like today (bleak and cold - and we live in the subtropics - go figure!), it will be the soup. But then I have to make a decision about what kind of soup. This is getting sooooo hard! I really need to give my brain a jolt of something, caffeine sounds like a good idea.

A final word about horrible cat, Oscar. I decided at about four o'clock yesterday to zap up the road and do my shopping. Oscar was asleep on my bed (his usual place) when I left. I arrived back home about 5.45 and after I had put my shopping away, went to see if Oscar was still asleep. He wasn't there but I didn't think too much about, as he hadn't been fed and I thought he would eventually be back for his dinner. Well, that stop-out cat didn't arrive back home until 5.30 in the morning! I gave him a real talking to and let him know that kind of behaviour was not on. He just looked at me, demanded his breakfast, scoffed it down and went to bed. I ask you - is that any way to be treated? There are going to be some changes around here and Oscar will be the recipient of all of them.

On that note, I will say bye bye...


PEA said...

Sounds like Harry Day went well...except for you not being fast enough in stealing that last slice of pizza! lol Hmmm, since you already have a whole bunch of people going with you to see the sequel to Pirates of the Carribean...can I come too???? Might take me a while to get there though! lol Don't you hate it when you want to cook something special for company but can't think of anything...even when you have a hundred cookbooks and thousands of recipes in front of you!! I go through that all the time! *sigh* As for Oscar, oh my, wonder what he was up to all night!! hehe

Ky Boo Gal said...

Let's see what are you hungry for???
That's what you should make...lol!!
You guest will fall right in line.
Oh, I can't wait to see that movie...went last night to see Cars and my popcorn came in a plasic container with a movie poster for Pirates on it...I'll probably use it with my gardening.

Autumn said...

Just ran across you blog, I look forward to another visit.