09 July 2006

Socialising and stuff

On Friday evening, about 7.30pm, I was making myself some dinner when my neighbour asked me over for wine and dessert. There was no way I was turning that down, so I switched dinner off and took myself next door. They had other friends over and I was introduced to all. There were a couple who originated from Burma plus their two daughters and a son-in-law. The dessert was absolutely out of this world. They were cupcakes involving dark chocolate chips and some sort of cheesecake topping and served with cream and/or icecream. When I get the recipe, I'll post it. I had two of these desserts (plus some wine) and didn't bother about any dinner that night.

Anyway, Jean, the lady from Burma was an absolute delight. Those of you who know of the show "The Kumars at 42" will know exactly what I mean when I say she reminded me of "Ummi" the grandmother in the show. Just as outrageous and so, so funny, but a lovely lady. She is one of these people that you wish you could see more of, because they are such a joy and give a real lift to life.

During the evening, one of my neighbour's boys suddenly realised he had lost his Tamagotchi. So a search and rescue was mounted and at 11 pm we were out in the cold with a torch searching for this wretched thing and hoping it would beep or something to alert us to its presence. No such luck. And after all that, it was inside under a cushion. Exit one kid - permanently, I reckon!

Last night of course, was Ms Flossy's birthday dinner. When I arrived she greeted me with a glass of strawberry champers in one hand and a bag full of exciting looking goodies in the other, which she opened later in the evening. We had a yummy dinner (well I did, anyway). I adore seafood and had a seafood crepe which contained fish, scallops and prawns all smothered with a tangy garlic sauce and served with a green salad and fries. It was beautiful but soooo rich, I was certain I was going to regret scoffing it all!

As well as various friends of the birthday girl, Ms Toni, her partner and Baby Cooper were there. He is such a good baby, with all the hubbub going on around him, he slept like a log and when he did wake up he was fascinated with all that was going on. Of course, he had plenty of cuddles from some clucky mamas there, even one of the dads had cuddle.

Ms Flossy was enjoying herself immensely and enjoying the strawberry champagnes, of which she seemed to have a neverending supply. When I left about 10-ish, she still had a glass of champagne in her hand (not the original one, either!).

Had a bit of a flutter on the pokies but didn't do as well as a few weeks ago when I put in $4 and came away with $30. That was a good night. I went home with more money in my purse than I had when I arrived. I like going out for dinner and making a bit of cash as well. That's a pretty good deal! However, last night after doing about $5 which I was rather disgruntled about, I got the pip and give the gambling away. Last of the big spenders, me!

It's been a busy week what with school holidays, movies and other bits and pieces. I'm looking forward to a restful day today. I think I shall just veg out and read. I got some books from the library that look pretty good, so that's my day today. No work, nothing, just a "me" day.

Talk to you all later...


PEA said...

Hey we're all allowed a "me" day once in a while:-) It certainly does sound like it's been a busy social weekend for you...I'm looking forward to you sharing that recipe for the cupcake dessert...yummmmy sounding!! Glad to hear Flossy had such a fun birthday...wonder if the sun was hurting her eyes the next day?! hehe Have a great relaxing day and always enjoy reading your posts:-)

Ky Boo Gal said...

What is "a flutter on the pokies"?
Glad Flossy had a great time with her friends and her dear mother!!

Granny said...

And there are my freinds Pea and Tammy.

I just came over from Tammy's to say hi.

I have an Australian friend called Meow but no Puss and Boots until now.

I'm a great-granny raising three little girls and living in the San Joaquin valley of CA, USA.

Meantime, welcome to blogging.

Love to have you visit my blog anytime.

Granny said...



I do know "i before e" but my fingers have a mind of their own.

Granny said...

Hi Robyn and thanks for the comment.

Those are great-grandchildren in the banner. They're the ones I'm raising.

In addition I have 10 grandchildren. My oldest grandson is the father of the girls.

Come back anytime.


Nicole said...

Hello Miss...thanks for all the gossip lol. Did Flossy share her bubbles? xox Nicole.

Sue said...

Hi Robyn,
I'm here via Granny's this morning. I see some of my blogging friends already visit you. I'd love the recipe for those cupcakes. They sound yummy.
Stop by and visit me anytime. I love visitors!

Granny said...

Thanks for the comment and for adding me to your blog roll. You are now on mine.

I'm thinking about listing it by countries once I think I can do it without zapping my whole blog like I did a couple of weeks ago.

Australia would take up a fair size section.

It was a busy day but at least part of it was fun.

Lee-ann said...

Did you mention seafood crepe! yum I have not had one of those for years. Now I should make them for supper one night. thanks for the idear.

Your blog is lovely and I always look forward to popping in for a look see! :o)

enjoy your thursday, best wishes

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Imagine living where there is Frangipangi! How exotic and wonderful! I love Hooks and Oscar, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, it just thrills me that all you gals from Down Under have found me on the 'net. And don't worry about those stretch fabrics, just order your shirt 3 times larger than you ever thought possible and then the 'stretch' won't be a factor. At least not until you wash it and it shrinks...