01 July 2006

Some Photos You May Like to See

This is my newest grandchild, Cooper, who came to visit yesterday with his mama, papa and big brother. He is four weeks old and such a beautiful boy.

This is looking from my lounge room window. The strange, naked tree in the foreground is a frangipani. The flowers on this one are bright pink with a faint perfume. We are up a long driveway and this view is looking towards the road, which can't be seen.

From my kitchen window, there is another frangipani. This one has apricot flowers that fade to pink as they get older and has the most luscious perfume. The flowers on the fence are bougainvillias, they are not at their best yet. In a few weeks, they will be a mass of colour with hardly any green showing.

Oscar, posing. He is in his winter coat. In the summer his mane disappears and he is not as fluffy.

Hooks, the cockatoo who thinks she's a human or when she wants a change of persona, she starts barking.

Ebony, sitting up straight and grinning. She loves having her photo taken - and it shows!

Shelby wasn't very happy at being disturbed, though she tried to put on a good face.

So these are just a few pictures for you to put names to faces. (And it's also a lazy way for me to create a post, because I haven't had much time to actually sit and write something!)


Ky Boo Gal said...

Hey...I loved the pictures...good job!!
Those animal friends are so cute!!!

PEA said...

I love seeing pictures and you did a great job with them! It's always nice to put faces to names, even the animals!! Love your yard, so many beautiful flowers!!