27 September 2006

Great News!!

Woohoo! Had the first of the summer storms this afternoon and I've just heard on the news that Wivenhoe dam received 28 cm and to add more joy, another storm is on the way as I write. I can hear the thunder now. Hopefully we get more rain and put off the really Draconian water restrictions that we are being threatened with next month.

Had a blah day today. Woke up with an awful headache and feeling like I hadn't slept for a week. Did a bit of work on the computer after taking a couple of Nurofen and having two cups of coffee. But the softwear the company use was playing up and I was having to play, pause and playback using three different keystrokes instead of two. It was confusing, I got real cranky and after a couple of hours gave it up as a bad job and went back to bed for three hours. I felt marginally better after that but just spent the afternoon on the lounge reading and watching the storm.

However, I don't feel too bad now. Haven't a clue what it was about but hey, you get that!

Gotta go the next storm has hit!


Remiman said...

Sorry 'bout your HA., and glad to hear that its better! Sometime the atmospheric changes that accompany a storm can do it for me.
I do love a good storm though, as long as they're not destructive.
Hope you have a fine day.

Lee said...

It's still raining here...the storm hit earlier this evening, with a mild follow-up of a minor light show...now the gentle aftermath upon my roof serenades...a soothing lullaby to send me off to sleep.

No good about the headache...glad all is well again.

Ky Boo Gal said...

we're expecting storms tomorrow...and colder temps...brrr...I'll just sit in and enjoy my Yorkshire tea Rosa sent...that is the best stuff!!!

PEA said...

Yup that's the kind of day you wish you had just stayed in bed in the first place! lol Glad to hear you were feeling better later on in the evening! Great news about the storms, you're getting much needed water:-) Just hope the storms aren't too severe that they cause damage!! Been raining here all day, all dark and yucky, very depressing. You take care...Hugs xoxo

slap me happy said...

wasn't it nice to get the rain final,i love the noise of it on our tin roof, very soothing . I used to hate the noise but now I love it. Watched the iterview with Terri last night and sobbed my heart out. She sure is a wonder just like he was and stil is huh.
Take care for now
love shona

Lee said...

I watched Terri Irwin's interview, too. It was wonderfully handled and she certainly is a remarkable woman. Tears flowed, of course...but then I cry in happy movies! ;)

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn, I have experienced weather across a pretty wide range, growing up in North Queensland, living in New Zealand, then South Australia and now back here to the Gold Coast - but I never learned to enjoy the storms until one weekend a couple of years ago, which I spent camping with a friend at the mouth of a river at Evans Head in Northern New South Wales.

Diane is a storm-lover and revels in the wind and rain and lightening and we sat in the tent and watched it all come sweeping down the river, the feeling of being so close to it is one I'll never forget - majestic, I am a convert.

BUT - I agree with Remiman - the atmospheric pressure might very well have been the cause of your headache. It's to do with water retention - I've known people who used diuretics (which is also used in some pmt medications) to combat these storm-related headaches.

Thanks for your input on my Wandjinas post, fascinating subject I intend to follow up on a bit more too.