10 September 2006

It's Sunday...

Yep, I've got something to smile about - I survived 40 hours of working full time in the city!! By Friday, I was shattered and very cranky, however a little bit of a sleep in yesterday did wonders for my equilibrium. Today I'm even better!

Jane and I won fifth division again on Lotto last night. Every little counts we say.

Yesterday morning I exercised my constitutional rights and voted (it was a formality only, we knew Labour were going to get in again), went and saw Gabbie play netball in her club grand final (they won) and then went and did my grocery shopping. At last, I have food in the pantry!! After all that, I had to have a nana nap, hehe...

I am very pleased that last week is over. We had another Aussie icon killed during the week. Peter Brock was a very well known rally car driver and was competing in Western Australia, when he spun out of control. I was telling mum about it this morning and much to my amazement, she told me she had met Peter Brock! It was when she was a volunteer with the Schizophrenia Fellowship about 10 years ago and he made a visit. Apparently he had someone close to him that was ill and so he involved himself in this organisation. According to mum, he set up an ongoing donation to the Fellowship and they receive a grant from him each year.

* * * *
I'm going out this afternoon to a farewell. One of the orthoptists at work is leaving to work in Paris! Yes, she was offered a job in France - how fabulous. Anyway, someone from work is putting on an afternoon for Alison and we were all asked to contribute to the eats. After much puzzling about what to take, I hit upon an old favourite - smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls. Easy peasy. A loaf of sliced bread with the crusts cut off, spread with cream cheese, then salmon on that, rolled up, fastened with a dab of butter and hey presto! Real yummy and no time at all to make.
Rang mum earlier and we talked for an hour. Both she and Harold are well and have managed to stay out of hospital for the last few weeks - so I congratulated them. Actually, they are an amazing pair. Mum was telling me how busy they are with their singing group and all the "gigs" they are doing in the next couple of months. There's no keeping a good couple down! Of course, mum is still waiting to have her gallbladder out, being on the public list does take time, however she is watching her diet carefully but is getting heartily sick of bland food, can't say I blame her really.
Well, I guess that's it for now, better go and pick up our winnings and get the doings for these salmon rolls. Keep well, everybody and have a great week in whatever pursuits you enjoy!


Lee said...

Yes, it certainly was a terrible week. Losses of lives...good people taken too early.

I, too, met Brockie back in the seventies, having drinks in the 'Marlboro' tent at the Lakeside racetrack, north of Brisbane. He was such a 'spunk' and great to talk with. He had no ego...just a damn nice bloke. I've been a fan of Peter Brock for many years.

His death and the death of Steve Irwin were shocks and I find it still difficult to get my head around them.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello Robyn...thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now back from my retreat on Tybee Island and will get around to blogging soon. We had a great time and I have lots of pictures which I will post some. Glad you stopped by from Lee-Ann. I love going to her blog. So nice that you love cats. We have two here ourselves..Simon and Lucy! Come by again!! Sandy

Mountain Mama said...

Sorry your mother is having to wait for the surgery. I had my gall baldder out several years ago after a horible attack. I believe it was caused because I ate an avacado, which is high in fat.

I wanted to mention that when you leave a comment on my blog, and I click on your homepage at the bottom of your comment, it takes me to a page that says that your blog page cannot be displayed. Do you know why that is?

Nicole said...

Love the photo Robyn...lol
Floyd says hi, but he is'nt very happy as Jack ate all his dinner again... the cat eats dog food and the dog eats cat food! Weird family.
Hopefully this week brings good things to all... much love, Nicole xox.

DellaB said...

Hi Puss, no wonder you needed a nana nap. No matter how much you enjoy visitors, it's always extra work.

Salmon and cream cheese - that's gotta be my all-time favourite filling, however it is presented - the rolls sound lovely.

I guess it's good that you are sought-after for work? Until you have to actually do it ::smiles::

I work different days each week, sometimes I do my 3 in a row, and at the end of that 3 I am ready for a few days off, but my work is about 12 minutes up the highway to Robina.

My brother-in-law Pete (he's gone now sadly), was big mates with Peter Brock's brother - they used to go out in Pete's boat a lot - he always said they were just a good-news family.

So sad, and just 61 years old.

Meow said...

Hi Robyn,
Hope this week is a better one. Last week was just tooo sad.
Hope Oscar is doing well.
Take care, Meow