08 October 2006


As I've upgraded, I thought I'd go the whole hog and change the template and blog title as well. Hope you all can find me! I tried to change the colours as well to something more me, but Beta blogger wouldn't accept the changes, so I'm stuck with these colours until I can work it out.
I had a lovely lunch and get together yesterday with my friend. I don't know if you remember, but two or three months ago I posted about a friend of ours who has Parkinson's disease. Well, he had a procedure done a couple of weeks ago that has made a difference to the exaggerated involuntary movements he had. The procedure is called deep brain stimulation and it sounds absolutely horrifying because it has to be done with just local anaesthetic and sedation. I won't go into the details because it is just to awful to imagine. Suffice to say, one would need a high pain threshold and a lot of courage and desperation to go through with it.
Anyway, it has made a wonderful difference to the tremors and involuntary movements B was getting. Unfortunately, it's not doing anything for his mobility and he is still finding it difficult to get around and so in that respect, nothing has changed. However, with the discoveries that are being made all the time, something may come up to help him. I sincerely hope so.
I have been very slothful today so haven't a lot to post. You would be bored to tears if I accounted all the minutiae of the day so, on that note, I shall finish. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.
PS: For some reason or other, Blogger doesn't like paragraphs today so the whole post looks pretty messy. Grrrrrr!


Lee said...

I know I'm going to sound very dumb...don't all jump on me! ;)

But what is Beta-blogging?

Mountain Mama said...

I pray the procedure continues to help your friend. Parkinson's is such a horrible disease, but there are new medical discoveries every day. I hope a cure is found soon.

Merle said...

Dear Robyn, I am delighted. I tried yeasterday to leave a comment, but I couldn't. This will be much better. I hope you enjoy beta. It seems to be better than the old one. Have you lost all your previous work? I hope not, or that you can get it back. Did
you print out your posts like some of us do? I liked that quote too about writing down what we admire in others Must do it sometime !! Sorry you have a friend with Parkinsons and hope he keeps reasonably well. It can go on for many years, before it's really bad.
Love, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi Again Robyn. I can't believe it !
Tell Lee it is just another brand of blogging that is supposed to be better. Also it seems bloggers will have to change to Beta. Bye, Merle.

Ky Boo Gal said...

Sometimes medical science seems so primative and mean!! But most of the time it is very helpful in the long run...here is hope and wish right alongside yours that they find something that will work for your friend and all those that have this awful disease.

Remiman said...

Debilitating diseases are a terrible cross to bear. I admire these folks tenacity and courage and usual upbeat nature.
What, if any, is the advantage of going beta?

Nicole said...

beta beta beta beta beta

What is this Beta?

Hello Missy, I'm back from the country side.... chickens are back in the school yard.... and I'm going to go lay down with a book lol xox

Granny said...

How are you doing with Beta? I'm still avoiding it like the plague.

(Beta is the new version of blogger - still optional).

Lee said...

Well...I'll stay with what I know at the moment...until I'm tortured and put on the rack to force me to change! ;)

PEA said...

Oh sure, I'm too busy to come visiting the last couple of days and you go change on me!!! hehe I love your new name and I hope you can figure out all the kinks Beta seems to have...I know we'll all eventually be forced to change to Beta but for now I'm leaving well enough alone! lol I'm glad you were able to get together with your friend...it's amazing what they can do for certainl diseases these days and I do hope something can be done for him! Hugs xoxo