10 November 2006

Chocolate and more chocolate!

Well, well. Only a few weeks to Christmas and an orgy of pigging out on all things bad for us. What fun!

Here is my recipe for an Australian favourite - Rocky Road. Now amounts don't really matter with this - it depends on how many people you are making it for.


Dark cooking chocolate or dark chocolate melts
Macadamia nuts
Turkish delight

Melt the dark chocolate slowly in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Don't let let the chocolate boil.

Add the rest of the ingredients - the marshmallows and turkish delight chopped into bite sized pieces, and mix thoroughly in the melted chocolate.

Pour into a greased tray and place in fridge until set.

You will have friends for life with this and if anyone is worried about calories, a very good friend of mine has the answer. She says that if you recite plenty of Hail Marys over something deliciously sinful like the above, it cuts the calories down to nil!! Another friend says eat it with one eye closed - then you only have half the calories!!

Do you have any tips for cutting down the calories in chocolate? I'd love to hear them.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Remiman said...

I'm off to Tuscon, AZ. today "til Thur. next for an anesthesia conference.
I'm going to try to post everyday for that nablopomo thingy i signed up to do, but I doubt that I'll have time to read any posts.
See you in a week.

Tammy said...

A balanced diet is a plate of Rocky Road in each hand, I say!!

PEA said...

Oh yum, you do realize I'm a chocolate addict and will just HAVE to make this recipe!!! I have a Rocky Road Fudge I make for Christmas every year but it's very different from this one. I'm still laughing at the explanations of how to cut down the calories in chocolate...I just figure it's from a cocoa bean...."bean" is a veggie...so there ya go!!! It's good for you:-) xoxox

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn,
Did you know that Sara Lee makes an ice-cream called Rocky Road? It is THE most delicious ice-cream I have ever tasted.

I hate the chocolate substitutes, they don't taste like chocolate to me.

BTW - I am trying to get a photo of my scrubturkey's mound, it's in the yard next door, thanks for your description... very true...

I remember years ago, we used to do this diet that was all the rage, we were only supposed to eat chicken, apples and cheese - so of course, it was Kentucky Fried, Apple Pie and Cheesecake!

Gattina said...

If you would tell me what "turkish delight" is (I had so many in Turkey)then the recepee looks great. Concerning calories :

Only eat with your eyes !

Mountain Mama said...

I always think that if I do some hard physical exercise, or cut back on other foods like starches, and fats, that I can have chocolate and it won't count. The fact that I'm overweight proves this theory is nuts!
I think we need to remember the word 'moderation' when eating chocolate. I just haven't figured out HOW yet.
love the stuff

Lee said...

Cut that out, Robyn! I'm still trying to get through a rich chocolate cake I made for Saturday last...plus some other choccies! ;) And now you go and tempt me with this!!!!!!