19 December 2006

In My Euphoria...

I was so over the moon about the Ashes result that I totally forgot that not everyone is idiotic over sport as Australians are...sorry!
The Ashes is the Holy Grail of Cricket and if you want to find out the history behind it, Wikipedia will explain it much better than I can.
We just have the Boxing Day Test now and what a good day to watch cricket on TV. All Christmassed out and just hanging out for a quiet day at home. What to do? Easy - turn on the TV, grab a cold drink (your choice) and get ready for some drama! Better still, invite some friends around to watch with you and you can all yell and scream for Warney or McGrath and bow down to Ponting. Too old - yeah, right! Who spoke too soon, then, huh? Huh?
To change the subject (good idea, I think), I watched the Carols in the Domain the other night. It was broadcast from Sydney and as usual, was spectacular, entertaining and just beautiful. I do love David Hobson's voice and may just have to buy his CD for myself for Christmas. For those who don't know, he mentored Erika Heynatz in "It Takes Two" - the singing contest, and they took out first prize. For an opera singer, he does some gooooood rock'n'roll!
Sadly, Belinda Emmett was not there. She always sang at this particular venue and it was so sad to realise she will never sing again. Her brother sang a very beautiful tribute to Belinda and the last verse featured a duet with he and his sister, a precorded version Belinda sang of the same song some months earlier. Very sad. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Belinda was a beautiful young actor and singer who died of breast cancer a few weeks ago, aged only 32. She was married to Rove McManus who has his own very popular TV show and it was dreadful to see Rove, who is a larger than life character, so devastated at the death of his young wife. Very sad.
I particularly liked the Wiggles (Hot potato, hot potato!) and the new yellow Wiggle, Sam. He did really well and has a good voice. But of course, my real favourite is Dorothy the Dinosaur. A few years ago, I had a boss who had young children and would go around work singing Wiggles songs!
I love kids' shows and movies and I want to go and see "Happy Feet", it looks such fun, and Charlotte's Web. Since Shrek, there have been some great movies in that format and I've seen most of them and loved them all! (I just don't know what I want to be when I grow up...)
Must go now and do dishes and other boring things. Only five more sleeps to Christmas!!


Peter said...

Even though the Ashes are ours again I think this series has enough life left in it to carry it through the full 5 tests Robyn, sometimes it gets a bit anti-climactic but not this time.

Tammy said...

My Daughter and grandkids loved Charlottes Web the other day!!

Mountain Mama said...

Congrat's on the win!
I watched an old movie today with my sisters. Hobson's Choice is well worth the watch as the Acting is superb! Victor McLaughlin was a 'one of a kind' actor.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year.

Liz said...

Cricket? No thank you. Rugby now ... we're off to watch the local derby on Boxing Day.

Daughter and I are planing on going to see Happy Feet as the men in our family don't seem that keen.

Have you seen March of the Penguins? Amazing film.

ohrgmhtm - say it as you spell it. These word verifications get longer and longer!

Meow said...

Carols in the Domain was wonderful. I always love Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve, though ... somehow this feels more Christmassy !!
Hope you don't mind, I've tagged you. Drop on by and see what !!
Take care, Meow

Peter said...

Robyn, I argued long and strongly against the "no Santa" situation but sadly I was beaten into submission by what appear to be the facts,
Picture the Queen Elizabeth zooming through the sky at the speed of light and stopping of for 6 seconds every 2 kms (or figures like that anyway) a little hard to imagine eh??

DellaB said...

Hey Robyn - did you see that Dorothy the Dinosaur married one of the wiggles? I forget which one.

Go the Aussies! With Warney and McGrath both announcing their retirement, I don't believe there is a ticket to the last two tests left, is there?