06 December 2006

Our Pre-Christmas Get-Together

Thought I'd give Hooks some PR, just as a sideline to the main subject of this post - she's a funny bird. If Jane and I, or anyone else is standing by her cage (she's usually on the top of it, rather than in it) and having a conversation, Hooks is there putting her five cents in. She will gabble something in a very conversational tone or if one of us has said something she agrees with (or not, it doesn't matter) she interjects with a very wise "Yeah", as if to say, "I know!" It's a bit disconcerting having a cockatoo join in the conversation! And there is no way I could ever sneak up on Jane and Fred - Hooks sings out "Hallo?" in a very loud voice. Spoil sport that she is. I call her Fred's other bird - the one on the side, hehe!
Anyway, we (the next doors and me) have decided to have our Pre-Christmas get-together this weekend. We have been phoning people for the last two or three weeks and I was thinking "Hells bells, this going to be bigger than Ben Hur!". However, some people aren't able to come because they have committed themselves elsewhere. We're still going to have heaps of people though. The funny thing is, none of the neighbours are coming...I was a bit puzzled and asked Fred what he'd done to upset them! He denied any foot-in-mouth disease... Apparently, they've all got other things to go to, so I said, "Good, we can make plenty of noise!"
Anyway, we've told people to come from 7 pm on. As Jane and I thought, people will have had dinner, presumably, and we will just provide nibbles until about 10 pm when we will put out more substantial stuff like pizzas, party pies and sausage rolls, etc to soak up the alcohol!
Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera, so I'm going to sweet talk one or both of my daughters to bring theirs. My brother, Peter, said he may come and a guy I used to go to high school with and his partner, who are also close friends with Peter are also coming. My meditation group girls, people I used to work with years ago and we get together occasionally, family and other friends.
Now Jane and Fred know absolutely everybody - so I figure there will be quite a crowd. Some will probably call in for an hour or so on their way somewhere else but no doubt there will be the live wires who will stay until whenever.
Anyway, if I get some good photos, I'll post them next week and you can see what we get up to in Australia (for Northern Hemisphere friends) before Christmas.
By the way, no snakes will be present!


Peter said...

Hope Hooks gets a ringside seat, would love to see the reaction to the conversations.

Liz said...

Hooks sounds like a great bird to have around!

Hope your pre-Christmas get-together goes well. It sounds like it will be loads of fun.

PEA said...

Fred's "bird on the side" hehe!!! Sounds like you will have quite the party going on...I do hope you can borrow a digital camera cuz I want to see lotsssss of photos!!! Hugs xoxo

Remiman said...

Ok, I heard you. No snakes.
Sounds like the placwe to be. I've never Christmased in the summer. Can't wait to see the pics.

Gattina said...

I realize that I haven't been here quite a long time, but I just got back the "inside" of my computer, which I had to replace by a new one, as my cat Lisa had peed on the old one. Don't know if you know the story. Your talking bird is really funny ! I met once a parrot who immitated the phone bell and that was terrible, he also called the cat all the time and when we left he shouted "are you going to bed ?"

Tammy said...

Now...I want to come but am hindered by the mighty ocean...boohoo!!
I could use a party right now!!

Lee said...

You're lucky I don't live nearby, Robyn! I would be the first to arrive and the last to leave! ;) Have a ball...I know you will!

peppylady said...

Greeting from Northern Idaho, usa.
About every Thursday for my 13 thursday I blog hop to find new and exciting blogs out in blog world.
I start with Roc rebel granny and came here.

A question for you. On your calenders down their on December 22 does it say "First day of summer"?

Stop in at my blogger.

Mountain Mama said...

Hooks is a beautiful bird. The yellow feathers on her head are striking.
I always wanted a bird that I could teach to takl. What fun.