29 January 2007

Another School Year Begins

Today, thousands of kids around Queensland went back to school for the start of the 2007 year. One could hear the air hum with sighs of relief from parents who, although they love their kids, love them at school even better.
Because Suzie (Flossy) is now working and Harry had so much stuff to take today on his first day back, I picked him up and carted him and all his stuff off to school. He was very happy to find he had Mr Begley as a teacher and Suzie was rapt when I told her about it. Mr Begley is strict but fair but the kids like and respect him. And Harry, being Harry, needs a bit of chivvying now and then (actually most of the time) with his school work. Suzie is not worried so much about his grades, it's the effort or lack thereof, that bothers her. However, she is hoping that Mr Begley will make a difference and because Harry is a kid who looks up to anyone he admires (as most kids do) he will probably want to do his best.
Brooklyn started high school today and as Gabrielle (these are Harry sisters) is now in year eleven, she has chosen to show her young sister around for the first week. It's through what is called YELP (Year Eleven Leadership Programme) and all the year eleven pupils take a new kid under their wing for a week and show them the ropes. Helps make the transition from primary to secondary school easier.
Their cousin Stacey-Lee has finished school and after having the last long holiday she'll have for a very long time, is going to start doing a TAFE course. TAFE is a higher education facility for kids who want to gain diplomas but don't want to go to university. Stacey was not the slightest bit interested in going to uni, so this is ideal for her and she now has her car which makes it easier for her to get to the campus.
I would love to be at school in this day and age. It seems so interesting the things kids can do. Harry is not a scholar but when he gets to year ten, he will be able to do a school-based apprenticeship programme where they're at school for four days and one day is spent on the worksite. He can do this for a year then go into the apprenticeship full time. He loves nature, insects and animals so hopefully he can get a traineeship working in that environment.
Anthony, his older cousin and Stacey-Lee's brother, is not a scholar either, but he has an apprenticeship lined up with builder and is prepared to stay until year twelve, knowing he has a job the minute he leaves school. I tell him that he only attends school to organise his social life and he agrees wholeheartedly. He's found girls or should I say, they've found him. Anthony was always rather small and tubby. He is now six feet tall and nothing like tubby anymore, plus he has two big dimples, which the girls just love. Of course, Ant is basking in the attention and thoroughly enjoying himself. What a Romeo he is turning out to be and he has us in fits of laughter with his forays into the world of teenage romance. It's all so innocent at the moment, though who knows how long that will last!
The only grandchild not at school is Cooper, so we still have a baby to pamper and spoil. His big brothers, sister and cousins all love him and argue about who's going to hold him. Cooper usually solves that argument by yelling because he wants to get back on the floor where he can walk around the furniture.
So another school year has started...


Lee said...

A good friend of mine sent me pics of his eldest boy's first day at school today...they brought a bit of moisture to my eyes, as I remember when this 'Dad' first started school! Wow...where on earth have the years disappeared to...I want them baaaaack!!!!!!!

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, off topic, just wanted to confirm that Wazza and I did in fact dine on fish and chips from the Pelicans Nest and it was excellent as usual.
There was a beautiful breeze out on the jetty although back on the shore we had been sheltered from it, all told a great way to spend 2 or 3 hours on a hot night.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I remember the first days of school of my 2 sons. For both, it was a day of excitement and expectation. It was on the second day of school that the trauma began.

PEA said...

When I was in High School, they had started what they call "Co-op"...we would go to school in the mornings and go to work in the afternoons. The teacher would find us all secretarial jobs and every two months we would switch jobs, therefore gaining experience in various environments. You can imagine how angry my teacher was with me when I got engaged at 17 and married at 18 instead of becoming a full career girl! LOL Hugs xoxo

Tammy said...

Sounds like good times!!

Gattina said...

It sounds so strange to me that children are now beginning a new schoolyear. But it's logical here the new school year also starts after the long summer vacation and this is in september. Your little Harry sounds familiar to me, when you write about him I have to think of my son ! He only would have worked for a teacher he liked ! I am happy that I don't have to go to school anymore. I hated it, school was not so "cool" like nowadays. The teachers all monsters !
BTW my cat godess is not Bast, she had a tiger head and I really forgot where I took the picture from (as model) and don't remember the name. Should have written it down ! But was not a famous one, that's for sure.

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn, both your Australia Day, and your post-Australia Day sound just about right to me, you did well...

And how about all those grand-children, I bet they keep you busy... how lucky they are. I agree how good would it be to be at school these days, the opportunities, but then of course they have a lot to worry about too - times have sure changed.

DellaB said...

Oh, sorry, I forgot to add:
CONGRATULATIONS on the Award, do we get to vote?

Debbie said...

A new school year is always exciting and a bit scary at any age. Sounds like they are all happy with their lot and will do well!

TorAa said...

Hi, I read your post with great interest. Firstly, it's kind of strange to think about schools starting the autumn semester in end of January. Here we are inbetween the xMas holydays and the wintervacation (1 week).

What you tell about the boys, seems quite relevant for Norway as well. Here female uni-studs represent 60% of the students. While the boys seeks to traditional male trades and crafts. Which our country really are in lack of.And what do we say: Boys are boys - seven or seventy.

PS. Thanks for you comment on my blog. I'll check out your Q about Cucumbers. Here is what Wikipedia says:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family Cucurbitaceae, which includes squash, and in the same genus as the muskmelon. The cucumber is also sometimes referred to as a cuke.
It's originate is consider to be in Brasilian state of Ceara.

Remiman said...

It's always good the listen to grandma talk about her grand babies. The school system sounds similar to ours with the exception start times.
I would love to be a student (university) again. However I've too many costly interests besides.
My dad was a junior at university when he died at age 58. He was doing what he'd spent his whole life wanting to do. I hope I'm as fortunate.

Granny said...

Hi Robyn.

I did the usual American double take hearing you talk about kids starting back to school.

Well of course they are.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Good post about the start of the school year. Our kids went back today. My daughter has five and I asked if she would be glad and she said No as they are always doing something and live on a farm. She only has 3 at school this year as the eldest 2 have left. One to become a chef and the other to join the army.
It is such fun watching them grow as you would know. Glad you liked the blonde in Mexico story. Take care, Love, Merle.