04 January 2007

'Puter Troubles

I have a saga...

Just over a month ago, I had a large delivery truck come up the drive, drop off the parcels I was expecting and when the driver was turning to leave, the truck caught the phone line, stripped the insulation off about 3 metres of the phone line and stretched it. Consequently, when it rains (and funnily enough, we've had a bit of rain over the last two weeks), my broadband shuts down and I can't access the internet. Can you imagine how frustrating that is to an internet addict??

Anyway, at first I thought it was the actual modem, but after about two days and numerous phone calls testing this, that and the other thing, my IP narrowed it down to the phone line. So they rang Telstra, the major communication company here, who all the communications carriers have to go through for line rental, etc, and they guaranteed to have it fixed on 03 January 2007 or before if other commitments permit. This was on 22 December. As you can imagine, I wasn't impressed...but, so be it.

On Saturday, 23 December, two guys come out and had a look at things. Yippee!, I thought, Telstra's got their act together and the line is going to be fixed. Not so. These two came out to assess the problem, then informed me that because the poles carrying the line were on private property, they were not allowed to use their ladders to climb the pole and fix the problem. Telstra had to send in a cherry picker! Then, one of these blokes muttered something about getting it done on Tuesday, 27 December.

It is now 04 January and I haven't seen anyone since! Meanwhile, I'm still having problems with the connection. When it rains, I have no phone line and no internet connection. On top of that, I'm losing earnings because I can't access my website for work.

Yesterday, at about 5 pm, I rang and said that no-one has been to fix the fault. I was told that Telstra line technicians work until 7 pm and they could still come out. No sign of anyone. So, this morning I rang back (again) and after about half an hour, where the person I spoke to had to ring "admin", who had to ring Telstra, who had to ring the technician (don'tcha love bureaucracy?) to find out what happened. The technician told Telstra, who told "admin", who told the guy who took my call, who told me that Telstra guarantee to have it fixed by the end of business tomorrow, 05 January. Hang on, I thought, I've heard this before...

However, I'm not as gullible as all that - sooooo, I've set up an invoice at so many hours of lost income at so much per hour... and when all this is finally over and done with, I will be sending it to Telstra. I've also put a "must be paid no later than" phrase on the bottom of the invoice, too.

It will be interesting to see what happens and I'll keep you informed.

I'm actually most surprised that I have managed to get this post done in one go without it flying off somewhere into cyberspace!


Peter said...

Hi Robyn, I don't think we have to wait to find out what happens about your invoice, sadly I think we already know the answer you will get.... silence on the line.

Remiman said...

Wow! Other than a terminal illness, I can't imagine going days or weeks without internet. When it affects your ability to work it bcomes even more serious.
I love your idea about billing the communications company for lost hours of work. Just as a message, 'cause you know they'll file it in the circular file.
Hope the fix it on the 'morrow.

Tammy said...

I'm having a simular problem since my move, friend!!
My phone which is in dsl is not giving me the caller ID and it does not help that I'm having a crank caller...gerrr!!
Anyhoop...I get the same run-a-rounds when I call...they are supposed to be here to check the wiring in this old house tomorrow!! I best not have to call on it again, I'm starting to lose patients...love your idea...if I used my puter for work that is exactly what I would do!!

Lee said...

What a bastard, Robyn! I would have been tearing my hair out. I hate being without my computer. The phone I can readily and willingly do without, but not my computer!

I have only positive thoughts for you, Robyn...I believe Telstra will come the party and reimburse you. They have only ever been generous and kind to me and to friends over similar problems/hiccups in the works. Just keep on them...they will come through.

Cheers...and keep smiling! ;)

Mountain Mama said...

So sorry about your troubles. I get pretty disgusted when my puter isn't working properly too.
Be sure to send them a bill. They wouldn't waste any time doing that to you, and I hope they pay up.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ What a pest for you. They take so long to fix things. As you say, luckt you got that post on.
Thanks for your visit. My little tail-wagging guests have arrived and we are getting on really well. I hope your troubles will soon be over
my friend. Take care, Love, Merle.

Gattina said...

Aye,aye what a misfortune ! I am back to Blogworld and at my own computer ! Was funny in Egyptian Internet caf├ęs ! Now I am sitting in the rain again (not singing) after 2 weeks of non stop sunshine and 25° ! Isn't that a shame ?