02 February 2007

It's Not Fair!

In North Queensland, they're getting a Big Wet. Okay, it's the first decent one for decades...but why aren't we, in the south east corner of Queensland, not getting any rain? We are gasping, our plants are gasping, the grass is gasping, everything is gasping for...water. In fact the drought is so bad, the trees are whistling to the dogs.

In the north they have had a year's rainfall in the past seven days. There are floods and more floods; all the rivers, creeks and streams that have been dry or just run at a trickle for years have burst their banks. On top of that, there is more rain expected and a cyclone forming in the Gulf of Carpentaria...actually we'll know definitely about the cyclone in the morning. Consequently, I expect to hear it's become an official disaster area. It never rains but it pours...

However, I feel discriminated against! The monsoon rains just haven't come down this far. Although I heard on the news tonight that Brisbane got about 20 mm of rain. Well, where's ours, huh, huh? We're only about 40 km from Brisbane and there wasn't even a spit of rain here or anywhere near the dams. Damn!

Our tanks overflowed last week and we have got lots of lovely fresh water. We can water the gardens and lawns with the sprinkler or hose and not get fined. All those people who, like us, have put tanks in over the last couple of months benefited from last week's storm. Only thing is, we need continual replenishment...so we need rain, okay? If any of you are good at raindances, please feel free to dance naked in the moonlight, sunlight or car lights and send the rain to:

All the residents of South East Queensland, Australia. Thank you very much. We won't even reject a cyclone, because they do bring big rain depressions and that would reach far enough inland to fill the dams.
(By the way, if you do a naked raindance, photos are mandatory!)


Peter said...

No rain dances Robyn, just live in hope.
(that's hope of rain... not naked rain dancing.)

Remiman said...

No photos!
That cancels the spell.
I did one just for you, at -20F., naked in the moonlight. You'll have to use your imagination....in fact if you do a drawing of what you imagine the rain will come and last for a week. Must publish drawing. ;-). (let's see how much you really want rain)

Hootin'Anni said...


Just wanted you to know that you've been added to the blogroll for Blogger Over 50---

I'm really busy right now with painting the computer room, and will drop by to 'get to know you better' when time allows and this painting project is complete.

Welcome aboard!!!

Tammy said...

You are a hoot...finding humor even in your dry situation...the tree's whistling to the dogs, indeed...lmbo!!
(((((rain dance))))
but you know I think my camera is not working...lol...lol...lol!!!

PEA said...

Lights!!! Camera!!!! Action!!!! Pea starts the raindance wearing nothin' but her birthday suit....uh oh....where did everyone go? Did I scare everyone off???? hehe Oh dear Robyn, what a shame to have all that rain sooo near and yet sooo far! I just remembered I have your email to answer yet...will do that tomorrow:-) Hugs xox

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

In late August, when it is quite dry in the Southwestern United States, Native American tribes used to (and many still do) do a rain dance. Men and women gathered together for the rain dance and wore special goat hair headdresses and clothing; the jewels used in the clothing, such as turquoise, had special significance. You may want to try it!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++9

DellaB said...

'morning Robyn.

They certainly ARE getting it, as you say, nothing down this end either...

I am off to find my goat hair headdress and I'll pinch a few of scrubbie's feathers.

Boy, would I like to see THIS collection of photos.


Lee said...

I have been known to dance naked in the rain, Robyn...but don't expect any pitchers!

It's like a wet season of old up there in the North. It used to be like that all the time once upon a time. Let's hope that low in the Coral Sea forms into a cyclone and pushes the monsoonal trough down our way. I guess a naked, non-rain dance out in the moonlight tonight might be mandatory!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Peter: Aawww, go on, do a naked rain dance! We need all the help we can get.

Rel: Thanks for the naked moonlight rain dance. Hell, that must have been cold at this time of the year for you!

Hootin'Anni: Thank you for that. Look forward to meeting you again.

Tammy: Thanks for your rain dance. They've been successful in the past so...fingers crossed.

Carole: Was it very cold?? I'm sure you wouldn't frighten anyone. It was probably too chilly for them.

Nick: I don't think the people down the road would appreciate me skinning one of their goats. However, I'll give the turqoise and silver jewellery a try.

Della: Okay, if you've got a goat hair and scrubbie headdress, you can do that part of the rain dance and I'll carry on with the turquoise jewellery. Between us we should get something.

Lee: I don't know, everyone is so shy today. No photos, no pitchers, no nuffink. The cyclone, at this stage, hasn't happened according to the radar, but we live in hope.

slap me happy said...

Your truly dont want a pic of me lol nearly 5 months pegnant and too hot to be bothered to shave the legs, may need to call in on our neighbour the lumberjack lol. Wouldn't it be great though. All the radio stations are organising rain dances makes me giggle but I'd join in just for the hell of it lol. xx

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ We are getting desperate now -- naked rain dances indeed.
It is so unfair that folks in Nth. Qld are getting so much more than they need and you and also don't
forget we Victorians, and I guess New South Wales as well. I guess our turn will come. Thanks for your visit, I am glad you have good neighbors also.
I appreciate mine. Take care, Robyn
Love, Merle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Shona: Five months' pregnant, unshaven legs...who cares? We need rain and all contributions will be greatly appreciated - teach the new bubs a thing or two, eh?

Merle: Ok, put your order in for a rain dance...only it's best if the participants are naked, otherwise they might catch cold if their clothes get wet, lol!