17 February 2007

A Day I Didn't Need to Have

Last Thursday, my world started to unravel. Oscar started it all. I felt him jump off the bed about 4.15 am and go out for his constitutional. When the alarm went off half-an-hour later, I jumped in the shower and after, realised he wasn't back. I wasn't too worried, but after getting my lunch organised for work and putting out Oscar's breakfast, I had become rather worried. I went to the back door and through the cat door (which is see-through) I thought I saw him lying outside. My heart leapt into my mouth, thinking he had been hurt. Not he! On opening the door, I found a freshly killed buck hare. Honestly, it was huge, almost as big as Oscar and he's not a small cat. Don't ask me how he got it home.

I was horrified. We have a lot of hares and they're really cute, being nowhere near as destructive as rabbits. My first thought was for Scottie, Jane and Fred's youngest, who absolutely adores animals. I knew he'd be so upset if he saw the dead hare. So I got the brush and pan, scooped it up and tossed it into the wheelie bin, then went inside, bundled up my garbage and threw it in on top of the hare. Honestly, you'd think I was hiding ill-gotten gains. Well I was...Oscar's ill-gotten gains!

So that was the start of the day. The next thing was I had to get ready for work. Normally I only work Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But my colleague (about whom I've written in the past) was swanning off to New Zealand for a couple of weeks, so I won't be around much for a while.

I had noticed over the past couple of days that my asthmatic cough had been getting worse, so I decided to see the doctor. He had been in hospital himself with pneumonia and was complaining bitterly about being a pin cushion after they had finished with him. I told him it was karma! Anyway, he diagnosed me as having an upper respiratory infection and wrote out a couple of scripts for me. Then he took my blood pressure. Disaster! It was high and he wasn't happy. Nor was I, come to think of it. So he upped the anti-hypertensive medication. Ok, fair enough, I was glad he was looking after me.

The pharmacy I usually get my scripts from because they are really cheap had closed by the time I got there. I then drove to the small shopping centre about five minutes' drive from home, put my scripts in and said I would be back to collect the medication. I went along to Woolies to get a few bits and pieces and decided to get an extra $60 out to pay for my three scripts. However, inexplicably I asked for $100. Just as well, when I went to pick up my medication and pay for it, I was stung $95.60! For those of you in the States, add approximately 30% onto that and you'll get an idea of what I paid. If my doctor was rather worried about my blood pressure earlier, he'd have been appalled when I got that price! I think it went through the roof! Given that all scripts were on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme where the Federal Government subsides these medications, I was gobsmacked! The nasal spray I was prescribed made up almost half of that amount - actually it may not be covered by PBS. Anyway, just as well I listened to my intuition and got the extra money out.

Then, when I arrived home I had no power. Actually all of us (Jane & Fred, Ken and I) had no power. The power poles are old, rotten and consequently in danger of falling to bits...which is exactly what happened. The cross-bar on the pole nearest the house split in half, dropping the live wires to within centimetres of the neighbour's metal fence. Energex came out and cut the power but said that because it was on private property they couldn't replace the cross-bar thereby restoring our power. We were without electricity for two days. Poor Fred rang about 20 electricians who were "too busy". Yeah, right! There were so many emergencies they couldn't come and fix our power. More likely they didn't want to work on a Saturday. Finally he got someone who said they'd be here at 7.00 am Saturday morning. They actually arrived after 8 o'clock, but who cares, we now have power.

However, I have to mention our wonderful neighbours, Graham and Julie. When they realised we had no power, they ran a power cord to Ken, Jane & Fred and my place to ensure our fridges and freezers still worked. This was at their own cost, so we offered them the appropriate remuneration which was refused. I suggested buying them some wine in appreciation for their generosity of spirit. They personified what good neighbours are all about. So here's to you, Graham and Julie, and many grateful thanks!

I worked on Friday and have been taking my antibiotics which have come in the form of horse pills. They are enormous! They are gradually kicking in but with not so pleasant side effects...nausea, upset stomach and tiredness. I think the cure is worse than the complaint!

On a more brighter note, we have been getting regular rain showers and the water tanks are full, the garden is blooming (literally) and the grass is greener, not only on the other side of the fence! There are waterfalls in the hills which feed into the dams (the waterfalls, that is), so hopefully things may improve drought-wise. Although apparently level five restrictions are only about five weeks away. Fortunately, because we have the tanks it won't affect us.

So that has been the last few days for me. I won't be around much as I said earlier, because I'm working full time while Helen's on leave, which means that things I usually get done in five days have to be done in the weekend...two days. Never mind, think of the money, I keep saying to myself. Helen's also having a month off May/June to go to Europe...oh well, I'll worry about that when it arrives.

Have a great weekend everyone and I have been thinking of you all even if I haven't been online.


Lee said...

I've been wondering where you were, Robyn and was a bit concerned that something might have gone astray.

I hope you're feeling better after the shock of the cost of that medication...it bloody well better be worth it!

Take care of yourself...don't take too long in getting back to us! ;)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Lee, thanks for your concern - the only thing that's gone astray at this point in time is my sanity! I stuffed up my blog, decided to switch templates and now have to put all my links back in! Grrrrr!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh, what a time you've had!

We had a cat who used to bring home halves of birds but never a hare.

We grumble about having to pay £3 an item for medication here! And it's going back to being free next year. Do you have to have insurance to cover it?

I like the new colour scheme but I've lost the top of your title.

Keep thinking of what you wil spend the money on!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello..I just thought I would start visiting some of the OVER 50 crowd!! I am over that plus 10 plus 2 this coming Tuesday but oh well I don't feel that way at all!! Boy I came when you are having some time!! I hope that things are starting to slow down some for you. What a time you have been having!! Well that is what makes life interesting I guess. Sandy

Kentucky Gal said...

You failed to mentioned that you changed templates but then that's apparent...lol!!

Remiman said...

It's no wonder you're such a strong resilient girl...You get tested constantly!

The cost of medication is frighteningly exhorbatant here also. I try my darndest to eat right, exercise and keep a positive attitude. It's cheaper than buying over priced pharmaceuticals. I know it's no garantee however, and I rue the day my turn comes.
Have a good week.

meeyauw said...

Wow. What a day, I'm exhausted reading about it. Those cats! Mine killed a beautiful star-nosed mole last summer. Weren't they proud. Tiny mice are one thing: big animals are something totally different!

Get your rest! Please! It's the best medicine. (aarrrggghh I sound like a mother!!)

PEA said...

Oh dear, your Thursday was the type of day I'm sure you wished you had never gotten out of bed! lol I was also noticing your absence and was a tad worried...funny how fast we get to know our routines! lol Sounds like you will be a busy lady...take good care of yourself and enjoy all the rain you're getting:-) Hugs xoxo

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

How sweet! Oscar brought you a present!

I hope you are recovering OK.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Liz: It makes no difference if we have insurance or not with regards PBS medications because they are subsidised. Next year when I become a "pensioner", even though I work, I'll be able to get scripts for about $4. Big difference, eh?

Sandy: Hi, thank you for visiting and commenting. You're the same age is I am. Yes, things are becoming more sane, thank goodness!

Tammy: I changed templates after I had done my post, because I stuffed things up in the template and lost a lot of bits and pieces. So the only way I could get them back was change templates and I actually like this one better.

Rel: Medication will go down when I officially become a "pensioner" next year to $4 an item. A big difference, wouldn't you say. However, I have to be thankful that I don't have to get medications very often. Like you I try do to the right things and prefer natural treatments mainly. Sometimes though, one has to succumb to getting the pharmaceutical stuff.

Meeyauw: Thank you for your concern. I had a lovely nana nap yesterday after I had come home from the shops and today I feel a lot better. Nice to see you.

Pea: You're right about noticing people's routines, especially the regulars. As for work, it'll go quickly enough and just thing how I'll appreciate my days at home after it all. Thank you for your concern.

Nick: Sweet? Sweet? I'll give him sweet if he does it again. The little boy next door has a tame half grown chicken and I noticed Oscar eyeing that yesterday. That's all I need...aaargh!

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, whats with everyone going pink or purple???
Hope those antibiotics (you know the horse ones that are making you feel worse) weren't suppositories, check the label!!!!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ What a terrible time you have been having. And then to get sick and the price of the medications
Wow. I hope that they help you feel better very son. It's good to have nice neighbors in times of strife.
Glad you liked the Tablecloth story and the Midlewife. Both were goodies
Take care, my friend and look after yourself, Love, Merle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Peter: I'm grey not blonde! They were not suppositories...although they were about that size...lol.

Merle: Yes, thank you. I'm feeling a lot better and more able to face the world today. Yesterday was a bit of a write off. Thank you for your good wishes.

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn, well, they say it never rains but it pours! [pun intended].

You are certainly lucky with your neighbours, goodonthem...

You wont know yourself when you get back to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Don't you just hate that, you start to do one little thing ... and, 3 hours later!

Marcia said...

Just hopping around the Over 50 blogroll this morning.

Days like that are only there for one reason. . . to write about. . . but we sure don't need those excuses to write we have enough without that nonsense. Great neighbors you have.
Hope you are feeling better.