25 February 2007

A Weekend Post

Hi fellow bloggers...two weeks down and only four days to go! Yeehaaa!

Thank you all for your comments, especially as I haven't visited much at all for the last little while. I feel very thankful and grateful to have the good friends that I do in our lovely blogging community.

As I said above, only four days to go until my colleague gets back from her holiday in New Zealand. She's off to Europe for a month later in the year, but I'll worry about that then!

I wasn't really looking forward to coping with the amount of work on my own, but surprisingly I've managed to keep up-to-date with it. This week will be a breeze because one of the surgeons is doing his three monthly clinic in the Outback and, as he is very prolific, it'll give me a bit of breathing space.

However, having said that, another surgeon had done her clinic at Roma Hospital the other week, and that lot was emailed through to me a few days ago. Still, it's only about an hour-and-a-half of work at the most and this week I hope to get around to that.

The only thing about this working full time is that I haven't had my weekly visit from Cooper and his mum. In fact, I've felt really out of touch what with being away all day and my youngest daughter working full time as well...now I know why I gave up working five days a week, it interfered with my life.

I enjoy the two days I do in the city but I love the work I do from home even more. It's far more varied because it covers a range of specialties and I don't have to get ready to go anywhere. I just fall out of bed, stagger out into the kitchen half asleep and put the kettle on for my first cup of coffee. Then it's into the shower to wake up properly, turn the computer on and while it's waking up I make my plunger of coffee and feed Oscar. By the time I've done that, the computer has woken up and I can then start work. No signing time sheets, no catching trains, no battling the hordes in the subway in the city...absolute bliss.

Anyway, I've spent the last three hours catching up on everyone's posts and leaving my calling card...so to speak. I just feel that I've missed so much by not being home. It goes to show how addicted I've become to blogging. I hadn't realised it was such a big part of my day until I couldn't do anything...I was too tired in the evenings and couldn't concentrate anyway.

So, dear friends, it won't be long before all will be back to normal...whatever that is. Have a good weekend and don't forget me, please!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I hope the remaining days go quickly for you so that you may return to "normalcy."

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Nice to see you back and will be better after you finish this job. Glad my jokes help you relax.
It's good to have a laugh. And not too many of those Maltesers!! They have a flavour of their own don't they? Take care , Love, Merle.

Lee said...

How could we possibly forget you, Robyn? An absolutely impossible feat to achieve! ;)

So, get rid of the next four days and hurry on back...the gang misses you! :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Nick: I fervently endorse that, Nick!

Merle: Thank you...I've been very good. No Maltesers for the last few days...they don't go too well with wine!

Lee: Thank you, my friend. I miss the gang!

Tammy said...

No way we can forget you dear friend!!!

Remiman said...

I'd never forget you. You lift my spirits too much. Besides a break from blogging will bring you back refreshed and full of new stories to share.
Blogging with new friends near and far is, infact, a big part my life also. I know how you feel.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Tammy: Thank you, darlin'!

Rel: Thank you, Rel, I'm glad I lift your spirits...what a lovely thing to say!

Liz said...

What do you do, Robyn? I agree that I so much prefer working at home (although a lot of my time seems to disappear on blogging!!)

It amazes and delights me that our community encompasses so many like-minded souls all over the world; the internet is a fabulous tool.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Liz, thank you for your comment and I agree, more time is probably spent on blogging than earning money! I'm a medical typist and transcribe from home via the internet.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Yeap I understand how addicting this blogging stuff is. We leave a week from today and although my laptop is going with me I dont know where i will be able to pick up some "free" wireless. We will be in our RV going out to Arizona. I am going to be crazy not being able to get onto blog or to read others posts. I know how you feel. I am happy for your...Happy Feet. I went to see it and it was really cute!! Thanks for stopping by. I also see that you and I are the same age!!

PEA said...

Hi Robyn:-) Sounds like you're handling the full time work pretty well but I know how much you are looking forward to things getting back to "normal"! When I go away for a few days I always feel so lonesome for all you guys...such is the addiction! lol Forget you? NEVER!! You are a joy to visit and your comments are always very much enjoyed too:-) xoxo

Granny said...

Unforgettable Robyn.

Glad all is going well and it's just busyness keeping you away.

Take care of yourself.



Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Thank you so much for yor good wishes for my kidney stone problem, which I think will be OK. I have heard of the drongo bird, but
don't think we have them in Victoria.
By my count you only have one more day to work outside your home.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Sandy: Yes, we're the wonderful 60s. Your trip sounds terrific and I'm sure you'll be able to pick up some wireless somewhere along the way. We expect lots of fabulous pics, you know. Just warning you...lol!

Carole: The work finished today...a day early. I cleaned it all up so I can stay home and sleep in tomorrow. Bliss!

Ann: Thanks so much, as I said to Carole, it's all over now, thank goodness. I can earn from home and carry on blogging!

Merle: Yes it would have been one more day, but I worked my fingers down to the elbow and finished everything early so I get to sleep in tomorrow. Yaaayyy!

Meow said...

Hey Robyn, glad to hear all is ok, and it is just that you are soooo busy. Shame real life has to take over from blogging, isn't it !!
Take care, Meow