03 March 2007

It's Saturday...

And I think I am recovering from my stint in the city. I have another in May/June but I'll worry about it then.

I had a strange experience yesterday. As I had been up since 4.15 am, I decided to lie on the bed with Oscar and have a nana nap. I'd snoozed for about 30 minutes when the phone rang and a woman asked to speak to Roger.

"Sorry, wrong number," said I.

"Oh, goodness," said the stranger, "I'm sorry."

"That's ok," I replied, hung up and lay down again. The phone rang again. Muttering dire imprecations under my breath, I answered it.


"I think it must be old age," said the same woman. "I meant to ask for Robyn and asked for Roger instead. How are you, darling?"

Now this is where it became, to me, totally confusing. Also, bear in mind I was still half asleep. I thought I was talking to Jane, because we have a neighbour, Roger, who lives over the back.

"I'm fine," I replied, thinking it was Jane and wondering why on earth she was ringing, when it's just as quick to stick her head in the door.

"Is it hot over there?" the voice went on.

"No," I replied, thinking, this is a bizarre conversation.

"Isn't it? It's bloody hot here!"
"Oh!" Me, thinking, well, why the hell doesn't she turn the aircon on!

"Ok, I'll put you on to your brother now!"

It was my dizzy sister-in-law, the one who came over last year. I didn't expect a call from her and as she never said who was calling, I was totally discombolulated!

It was after work, Friday evening with a few wines and the bright idea...we'll ring Robyn! They live in New Zealand and with daylight saving there, they're three hours ahead. Six o'clock there, three o'clock here.

Anyway, the long and the short of it was, they had booked themselves and Mum and Harold to fly over in September for my eldest daughter's wedding and rang to give me the dates. I was relating all this to Jane later on and she was laughing like mad. It was the weirdest thing...I felt as if I was in a Woody Allen movie or something just as peculiar.
* * * * * * * *
I rang the two I gave birth to some years ago and told them I was inflicting my presence on them on Sunday, so they weren't to go out! Fortunately for me, neither of them had plans, so I was in luck.

I'm craving a family fix so I'll get that tomorrow and I'll be right for a little while.

Gotta go now. I've been invited to a barbecue lunch today and I have to deal with the spiders that have taken up residence over the last three weeks before I go anyway.

Enjoy your weekend!


PEA said...

Lol too funny! That reminded me of this one time...I answered the phone and the girl said, Carole? I said yes and she proceeded with the how are you, blah blah blah. I thought it was this girl I knew and even names she was mentioning were names I knew! About 20 minutes into the conversation, it dawned on me that I didn't think I knew this person....I said who is this anyway? When she said her name I said I think you have the wrong number! lol We both laughed and said oh well it was nice talking to you! lol Keep them spiders over there, thank you!!! Ugh! Hope you had fun at the barbecue:-) xox

Mountain Mama said...

If the phone rings when I'm sleeping I have a hard time coming out of the sleep to think rationally. And if I'm really tired, the phone ringing can make me quite angry although the person calling would never guess it.

Lee said...

See...you can't blame everything on wine! Wine is innocent! It's us humans who are not!

I really hate hearing the phone ringing...sometimes I toss up whether I'm going to answer it or not. I no longer have message bank or an answering machine which alleviated that dilemma!

I had a very lazy day today...I had a very late night last night, not going to sleep until after 2am...and then awake again at 4am.

Thanks for your company, Robyn. :)

Gattina said...

Ha, ha that's a nice story ! It happened to me too, but the worst I did was last week when our neighbor rang the doorbell and I opened without my glasses. I saw a blue coat and grey and said, "no thank you, I am buddhist" and then suddenly I recognized him I had taken him for a Jehova witness ! The laughter afterwards !
Oscar enjoyed probably very much the fact that you were tired and he could nap with you !

Liz said...

I hate it when people don't give their names! 'Hi, it's me,' and the conversation proceeds, with careful questioning and answering on my part as I'm trying to work out who it is. That is a good story though. It's especially bad when similar names are involved.

Tammy said...

Hey Miz Robyn...I too am starting to crave a "family fix"!!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~It is awful waking up to the phone and takes a while to come around. Of course they didn't know you were up at 4.30 am. Thanks for your comments, I am behind with replies. Glad you enjoy the jokes etc. And it was so good of Raggedy to decipher that wingding thing. Glad you had a look at Olive. She looks darn good for 107. Thanks for your good wishes for my little op tomorrow Will be glad when it's over and hope to post Tuesday night. Peter and Marcus will be well on the way to Perth today.
Take care, Love, Merle.