16 March 2007

St Patrick's Day

Beannachtai na Feile Padraig!

(Happy St Patrick's Day)

March 17 - the day we celebrate St Patrick for banishing the snakes from Ireland. Actually, he did more than that and was a very humble and gentle man. But as these things have a habit of doing, he's mainly remembered for the snake thing. I read somewhat that Patrick didn't even come from Ireland. Not sure where he came from, but who cares? He's the epitome of Irishness, much the same as Guinness or the Book of Kells...and the Guinness especially, is probably relegated to the sphere of spirituality that Patrick exists on...

Anyway, happy St Patrick's Day and health and long life to you!

I have a bit to add to yesterday's horse farce. Apparently the horse's name is Casper, not Pepper, as I found out when I was recounting the whole thing to Jane. I was just about hysterical with laughter in the telling and fortunately Fred saw the funny side of it, too. But he got me back later on...

Earlier in the day, my gas-fired hot water cylinder developed a leak and water was pouring out everywhere. Fred turned off the gas and water supply to the tank and rang a plumber neighbour who came around after work to assess the problem.

I had gone out and didn't get home until about 7.40 pm. Fred was obviously keeping an ear out for when I arrived home. As I was opening my door, he called out saying he had good news about the water tank...it was stuffed! Then he added that the plumber said it would be six weeks before another tank could be organised! Apparently the look on my face was priceless, but I was totally speechless (that doesn't happen very often!) and my mind was whirling wondering how I was going to cope without hot water for six weeks. Then Fred burst out laughing and admitted that the plumber would be back in the morning with a replacement tank. Whew!

True to his word, the plumber arrived this morning with a new, you beaut water tank, and once he had connected it and lit the pilot light, I had piping hot water in an hour. That's service for you.

As for naughty Casper, he's back home in his own place and the kids received an earful for leaving the gate open. Life's not boring around here!


Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Enjoyed the horse story and how Fred got you back. Glad you have the new hot water service up and running. I hope you are quite over
the respiritory problem you had.
Thanks for your comments. I love my satin sheets and no mishaps like the Toy Boy's Boxers. Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

I came across a wonderful Irish company that catch Leprechauns


Happy St. Patrick's day

Tammy said...

Fred needs to save it for "
April Fools day"...lol!!
Happy Saint Patricks Day to you!!

Angelo said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Mountain Mama said...

The story of St. Patrick is really very interesting. He was captured and held as a slave in Ireland when he was just a boy.
Sorry about the problem with the water leak and all. That can sure mess up your day. I'm glad it's all taken care of now.

Lee said...

I've been preparing for tonight's dinner all day...and just managed to get in a nap for about 45mins. Now, I've got another two coming, I think...my landlords told me this morning their daughter Robyn and her boyfriend Michael may be up and probably will be coming too...just as well I always cater enough to feed an army! This always seems to happen when I invite the landlords to dinner...the last time, it was his sister who was the extra guest! Now I've got seven instead of the original five (this includes me, of course...though I might go out for the evening and leave everyone to it!) ;)

Anonymous said...

I am totally overwhelmed and need you to say it all again much slower lol.
Happy St Paddy's day to you too.
xox Nic

Remiman said...

Glad you can wash now. ;-)

Meow said...

Goodness, hope Fred's back recovers quickly !!
Too bad about the hot water service, they are costly buggers to replace !!
Oh yeah, happy (late) St Patricks Day.
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow