28 April 2007

Oscar's Revolting Gift

That Oscar is going to lose the rest of his lives if he keeps going on the way he is...
I woke about six this morning. His lordship had woken earlier and gone outside and to my knowledge, he hadn't come back in. I would have known, because he usually demands his breakfast. So I wondered out into the kitchen and put the kettle on for my cup of coffee, wondered into the bathroom, had a shower, came out and made my coffee. While I was waiting for it to settle (I have a plunger), I went to make the bed. At this stage it was still quite dark, being overcast, and I could see a dark blob on the carpet underneath the window. I turned on the light and my skin crawled...there was a toad sitting bolt upright, as they do...ugh!

Now the Queensland cane toads are the most revolting creatures ever and they aren't even native to Australia. Some bright spark imported them in to get rid of the cane beetle which can do a lot of damage to the cane fields in north Queensland. Thanks to this idiot the toads found they liked Australia so much they rapidly multiplied, gradually spreading further abroad...they have now been found in northern New South Wales. They have no redeeming features whatsoever, are poisonous to pets, and have been responsible for the demise of a lot of species of frogs. If there are lots of toads, there are very few frogs.

The crows will eat them, they have learnt how to flip the toads over to avoid being squirted by the poison. Magpies will eat them once they are dead and I have heard that red bellied black snakes will also eat them, apparently not affected by the poison.

There are varying ways to kill the toads, the most humane way is catching them in plastic bags and putting them in the freezer. Apparently they go into hibernation mode and of course are eventually frozen. They have to be left in the freezer for a few weeks as, if they aren't left long enough, they come out of hibernation and away they go again.

Anyway, I had to do something about this creature. I thought of the plastic bag trick but the thought of handling it was too much. Besides which, I don't really want to put toads in my freezer. So I grabbed the pan and brush (my mouse catching equipment), scooped the toad up, held it down with the brush and tossed it outside...shudder.

I strongly suspect Oscar of bringing the toad in, as there was no other way for it could get inside. How he wasn't sick is beyond me, but there's nothing wrong with him and he yelled for his breakfast as normal. The exercise must have made him hungrier than usual because he gobbled everything up and got then to stuck into his cat biscuits. Although, he may have been trying to get rid of the taste of toad...whatever, he is now asleep on the bed, totally oblivious to the mayhem he caused my state of wellbeing.
#@*?@!!! cat...!


Gattina said...

OMG I am laughing and laughing you can't imagine !!! At least with Oscar your life will never be boring !! At first I didn't know what a toad was and looked it up in my dictionnary, but when I saw the word I shivered ! That's an disgusting thing and soooo ugly. I don't know what I would have done, but probably the same as you in order not to share my bedroom with a not yet prince ! Didn't you kiss it just for a try ? And you gave me an idea to commit a perfect murder ! When the toad is freezed, take it off the plastic and sit it nicely in the fridge and then ask the person of whom you want to get rid of, to take some Ice Tea in the fridge. I think that would work, don't you ? For a morning surprise it really was ! I ask you without Oscar or Arthur about what should we write ??

Gattina said...

I forgot to publish my post for today (my Alzenheimer) it was ready since 7 am and now it's almost 11. Wednesday I went with a girl"friend" to Antwerp. I only could write half of the story because I am afraid that she will read it ! It was terrible and I never will do that with her. She was impossible. While she ran to catch that train like a headless chicken, she peed in her pants and got hysterical. She has this sometimes so she had things with her. (she is 70) But then she was holding one hand all the time at her bottom and asked me if there were a wet spot, but there were none ! This lasted the whole day, not to talk about her constant grumbling about everything ! It killed me !

Lee said...

Hahaha...not the best sight to wake up to, I must admit. However, I'm one of the very few people, I'm sure that feels sorry for the much-maligned cane toad. The poor beggar didn't ask to be brought to this country. If those that brought him here had done their homework in the first instance, we would never be pestered by the poor things. The cane beetle attacks the tops of the cane, and of course, the poor old toad, can't reach them! So the beetle continued on its merry way of destruction and the toad, wondering what the hell he was doing here...did what all toads do...had sex and multiplied! There is one small window of opportunity in their growth when they are susceptible. As you say, Robyn, nature, as in some birds and snakes, have managed to discover a way of their own to attack the toads without damaging themselves in the process. Nature is a marvellous thing...and it's much smarter than Man.

Pouring salt on the back of toads gets rid of them, too. Poor old guys, they're not the nicest things on earth...but, me in my sookie, silly way, do feel sorry for them! lol

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, there is an almost humane way to get rid of toads, no put the hockey stick down, get a squirt bottle and put dettol in it, when you encounter a cane toad just give him a gentle squirt, you only need a fine spray... don't have to drown 'em.
They hop away and die seemingly peacefully and what's more they dry up and don't smell.
Happy hunting, don't know if it works on cats who bring them home.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Ick! Toads! I'm not crazy about them! Your Oscar and Gattina's Arthur have a lot in common. My Oscar is like that at times except he likes to bring in moles and birds. Usually there is a trail of feathers! Always in the morning. The funny thing is, is that he doesn't kill them. He likes to bring them in, show them off, and then play with them until they're captured and put back outside! Ahhh, kitties, aren't the so much fun?!

Have a fantastic weekend! How is your Autumn going? Is it getting cold? OH. By the way, which blog do you use more, this one or the other one? I've saved them both but I've been checking the other one more.

meeyauw said...

That is disgusting! I don't know how we put up with their creatures that they drag in. At least the toad was alive and not in pieces. I'm glad you weren't hurt!

jellyhead said...

Oh, GROSS!! I hate cane toads!

Thankfully, we have never had the pleasure (cough) of finding one indoors. I have had to retrieve one from my kids' cubbyhouse recently, which entailed catching the toad under an upturned bucket, then doing the old plastic bag freezer trick you mention. The thought that I had a toad in there every time I got food out of the freezer was unsettling to say the least!

Hope Oscar is finished with fetching creepy creatures for the weekend...enjoy your Sunday!

Meow said...

Eewwww, glad it didn't try and hop away !! Naughty Oscar !!
Bambi occasionally brings me live birdies, which then attempt to get outside again by flapping through the house, pooping everywhere and bouncing off the windows. Poor things !!
I agree with Ingrid, what would we write about, without our fun kitties to give us plenty of material !!
Take care, Meow

PEA said...

Ok, now that does sound like a really nasty toad...just be glad it wasn't IN your bed! lol UGH!!! I'm sooo glad we don't have these kinds over here...I kinda like having my normal frogs around! xoxo