23 April 2007

Sound and Light Show

Last night we had rain!!! We also had some amazing thunder and lightning. There was one crack of thunder that just about sent me to the ceiling...that was very close. The lightning was fantastic to watch. It was mainly sheet lightning and lit up the sky so much you didn't need a torch. Silly old Oscar was out in it somewhere but had obviously found somewhere dry to shelter as when he finally came home, he wasn't very wet.

But the rain...aaah. It started off very gently and continued that way for about three quarters of an hour and I was feeling rather disgruntled, thinking to myself, "That's right all noise and show, but no decent rain." Then it bucketed down. It also became extremely windy so the rain was driving horizontally right up under the eaves and wetting the very top of the window. As there was no hail, I debated for about 10 minutes as to whether I should put my car out in to get the worst of the dust off. Then I thought of all the twigs and small branches being blown around and decided against that lot.
Needless to say, the tanks are full again, the trees and plants are positively grinning and the dust is laid...for a day or so anyway. Wonder when the next lot of rain will be? That's the first one since 25 of January and the reason that date is in my mind is because that was when we had Harry's birthday barbecue and the kids slept out in the tent. Fortunately the storm was well and truly over by then.

* * * * * * * *

Tell me something. Do you get those annoying emails that instruct you to pass it on and when you do, you'll see something nice/funny on your screen? It drives me mad because I have never, never seen anything, no matter how hard or for how long I look at my screen. I reckon it's a ploy to get you to send the emails on. From now on, I don't think I'll bother.

I also can't be bothered with those emails that threaten you with dire consequences if you don't send them on. I delete those...without sending them on. And the ones that promise miracles, "something nice", etc...what a load of crap! Some of these emails are really lovely and worth passing on, but if I can, I delete all the garbage from the bottom before I do send them on.

Well, that's my whinge for the day...enjoy your week.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I love rain! Unfortunately, Alex hates water in any form. And if it thunders, the cat may literally end up stuck to the ceiling by his claws.

Lee said...

I got that email today, Robyn and I think I sent it on to you...just to see what was funny...and nothing came up on my screen either...and I heard from another friend who said she got nothing up either!! Duh!

We had a bit of rain up here last night but it was mostly a light show. I adore rain, as I've often said before. I'm glad you got some down your way, Robyn...I know how much you need it. I hope this drought breaks soon...plus down in the Murray-Darling...things are not looking good at all.

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, with the exception of northern Queensland the whole country is in the grip of one of the worst droughts ever, in lots of places it is the worst ever, so I guess you wouldn't get many arguments about how nice rain sounds on the roof.

Remiman said...

I agree on the "send them on" e-mail. Like you, if it is a nice sentiment, I delete all the superfluious bull before forwarding.
There are more scams out there than drought days where you are. ;-)
Glad you got a good soaking.
Hmmm, that didn't sound too good now did it? LOL

Hootin'Anni said...

I just read something about this April 25th for you Aussies! I think this is super....something like our Veterans Day I imagine.

Now about the rain....I would have been out drinking and soaking it all up if it'd been that long since the last storm.

Smart cat, huh? They are so clever.

And oh....about those emails ---they're nasty! I personally hate 'em!!

[I'm here from the bloggers over 50 blogroll and just wanted to say "G'day, G'day---how's it going"---somebody in Australia has this song recorded, I can't remember who it is---*shrugging*]

Hope you can drop by sometime and visit

"Early Bird" said...

Tis clouding up here and the wind is up too, I forcast a rain this evening...I hope we don't get the lighting and thunder you did!
You know I never see anything in those emails either!
I wish people would quit tacking on that there will be good luck or special blessings...all a bunch of houy!

Liz said...

We've had rain too for the last two days. It's the first we've had for weeks and that's vey unusual for us.

I very rarely send on emails. Occasionally if the joke is very good but I am wary of any that purport to be a sick child trying to record break, or any of those sort.

Deana said...

Pretty much any email that says you must pass on I delete. I think they are the lowest form of email and half the time I won't read them. After all these thousands of years anyone who thinks something as new as email has any control over fate is a nut.

Happy Cats on Tuesdays!

Suzanne R said...

Good for Oscar -- so glad he was smart enough to seek shelter, even though the rain has been fairly rare for you. I'm so glad to hear you got buckets full, because I know how much the water is needed!

Nah, I never send on those e-mails. In fact, they drive me buggy! LOL! I have good friends that do but I hit the delete key, I'm afraid.