21 May 2007

The Kindness of a Stranger

First, thank you all for your messages of faith in me after my post about my ex-colleague. I have felt on top of the world both with your kind comments plus the fact that I've been able to prove my innocence. It's a wonderful feeling because for the last three-and-a-half years it has bugged me. Now I can lay it to rest.

Now for the next post. Yesterday, I had my granddaughter over for the day as her mother was at a netball carnival with her sister. Then her younger brother was dropped off from a weekend stay with his dad and I took them both home.

The road I live in is about 4 km long and although it's not a freeway, it's plenty wide enough for two cars to pass with ease. However yesterday, I had both my grandchildren in the car, we were driving down the road when this navy four wheel drive came towards us, more on my side of the road than his. I had to take evasive action to the left and hit a very rough part of the verge. There was a hell of a bang so I stopped and checked. One front left-hand tyre dead as a dodo. The speed limit is 70 km and I was doing that, so I hit this rough part in rather a hurry.
Oh well, nothing for it...I had to change the tyre. So, kids out, gear out of the boot and haul the tyre, jack and start undoing the nuts. A ute pulled up and this guy got out and offered his help which I gratefully accepted.

Let me tell you this...the jacks that Hyundai provide with their cars are less than useless. The gadget they provide to wind the jack up just doesn't do its job. It slips and makes the job long and difficult and probably dangerous. If that guy hadn't pulled up and used his own jack (after giving mine a go), we'd still be there!

Anyway, this kind stranger changed the tyre for me and sped on his merry way before I got his name so I could at least buy him a petrol voucher or something. However, I will write to the Courier-Mail and thank him that way.

It's really lovely to know that there are still people in the world who will lend a hand to a stranger and I really thank that chap. He didn't have to stop for me, but he did, and I very much appreciate his kindness. It's people like that who restore my faith in human nature.


Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ It is great that there are still some good folk out there.
I am so glad you encountered one of them. Made up a bit for the one who put you off the road in the first place. I hope to post my meme tonight, nothing very startling.
Have fun with the grandkids.
Take care, Love, Merle.

jellyhead said...

I love stories like this - so uplifting!

Glad to hear you've been feeling so wonderful since the weekend's events. Fancy that - to work your weekend yet be so happy to have done so!

Fond regards,

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, I meant to mention to you if you have a post saved to draft automatically, as blogger now does, you need to check in post options that comments are enabled as the default is not abled, I believe you only need do this once??? hope that helps.
Lucky with the flat tyre BTW, nice to hear.

Liz said...

I had a burst tyre once and a man insisted on helping even though I said I'd call Rescue (I am a pathetic girly wimp!) There are lots of good people out there, thankfully. And, at least, you and the children weren't hurt.

"Early Bird" said...

Wonderful that he helped you out!! My Hubby can't stand to see women stranded by the side of the road...although he will not stop unless I am with him, saying he feels safe from any accusations that way...it's sad that it has come to this in America...

PEA said...

Yes, it certainly is wonderful to know that there are still some good samaritans out there and don't expect anything in return!! I'm so glad he was there for you Robyn! Two winters ago when my car spun out of control and ended up stuck in a huge snowbank, 3 cars pulled up to help get me out. It warmed my heart that they bothered to stop at all!xox

Lee said...

People like your "Good Samaritan", Robyn, certainly do restore faith in our fellow man and woman! I bet it made him feel good too...it's always a nice feeling to give...I think it's a better feeling than receiving. :)

Anonymous said...

Good things come to good people Robyn. Sorry I missed your brilliant news. I must say that I am so very proud, excited, happy, relieved, proud, proud and proud of you. After reading about all the 'goings on' with this lady over the last year or so.... I am so pleased that she 'got hers'. I am over the moon for you Robyn. It's all up hill from here for you my friend. xox

Gattina said...

That's very true ! So far I really was lucky I always have met very nice and kind people if ever I found myself in a bad situation. Also for tyre changing or other car troubles. Me too I am reassured that the whole world is not entirely bad !

TorAa said...

I think you were lucky after all. Have you met me, I could not have helped you (Lumbago you see). When our tyre exploded 6 weeks ago, we had to call for assistance. It was done in seconds.

I agree, that modern cars do not have equipment to really help you when needed.

Remiman said...

I think in reality, most folks are decent by and large. It's just that the piss ants get more attention!