16 June 2007

I've Had a Lovely Day

I slept in to 7.45 this morning...I haven't done that since I was pregnant! Last night some work came through so I did that until 10.30 (I didn't have to, but I figured I'd get a start on today), then blogged for a while before going to bed and reading.

I needed to go out again today, my daughter's moving tomorrow. I'm giving her a hand and said I would organise lunch for whoever is helping...therefore I had to get some salad stuff. I really wanted to get a digital camera card so I could take more photos than the camera holds and put them on the computer. The first shop I went to yesterday treated me as if I didn't know what day it was let alone operate a digital camera.

My problem was, I had 22 shots on the camera before I had a card. I wanted to put them on the card so I didn't lose them, then transfer them to the computer. The young girl there told me it was not possible and I'd lose them. I was a little upset about that, not only at her attitude but because I had the last pictures I'd taken of Oscar on the camera.

I gave it a miss and went home. Today, I went to Kodak, which is what my camera is. What a difference in attitude. Jason came over with a lovely smile asked if he could help and I explained what I wanted. Again, I had the camera with me. No problems to Jason. He took the camera, pressed buttons, handed it back and told me the photos were now on the card. They were, too, I've just uploaded them onto the computer. What a difference in attitude...and I told him and the lady who was at the desk that I would be coming back because, a) they smiled and 2) they were so helpful without me feeling like an idiot.
I started to head back to the car. Unfortunately I was waylaid by a sale so I stopped to have a browse. I'm very glad I did. I'd been looking for a plain black, fine knit, long sleeved top. I found it...and better still, it was reduced from $50 to $20. I wasn't going to pass that by, especially when it was exactly what I wanted.

Then back at the carpark, which was totally full, a car was cruising down the "aisle" I had parked my car. I caught the driver's eye and pointed to where I was parked, indicating that I was leaving...well, she leapt up and down, flung her hands in the air and generally looked absolutely delighted. I just about fell over, I laughed so much...it was nice to know I'd made someone feel that happy.

Now that I have my camera going properly here are some photos for you have a gander at.

These are of a storm front that came through a few weeks ago. Unfortunately by the time I got home, the best had gone, but the clouds were shaped in huge drops that were just hanging there...I got an email last year about this phenomenon and I was so excited to see it here. From what I can remember though, we never actually got that storm...it hit somewhere else.

This is a rose that Toni and Darryl gave me for Mother's Day two years ago. Isn't it beautiful?

These are some of the last of Oscar...unfortunately I could never get a photo of him without his "Garfield Look", as I called it. I can imagine him thinking...Oh, God, not again...sigh.


RUTH said...

Great photos....what a difference in service between the two shops! Have a wonderful wekend and I hope your daughter's move goes well.

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Peter said...

Hi robyn, good photos, good service from Kodak and nuts to the other shop.

Meow said...

Hey, Robyn ! What a different in service between the two shops OMG. Kodak are usually pretty good, though ... I have a Kodak camera, too.
Wonderful photos ... those clouds look amazing. And, of course, the photos of Oscar are wonderful. As you said ... sigh.
Take care, Meow

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn., Lovely Photos, So pleased the Kodak shop helped you and you didnt loose your Precious Pics of Oscar,Well I know I wouldnt be going back to the first shop.. Take care

Gattina said...

That's typical, as a woman you are automatically an idiot concerning cameras, cars and even more with computers ! It sometimes makes me really furious. Except in Turkey in the Internet café where it made me laugh, the men's faces were really too funny I should have taken pictures of them !
Your storm pictures are beautiful and the last pictures of Oscar (Garfield) too ! Little Rosie is quite easy to handle, she does everything by herself and follows me now everywhere. I only have to pay attention that I don't walk on her !

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Good photos, Robyn. I felt a tug at my heart as I viewed the ones of Oscar.

BTW, what happened to the post “Help” that Google told me you posted after this one? I hope that help is no longer needed!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ I am so glad that you had such a lovely day. Great service at Kodak, the bargain black top you wanted, how happy you made the lady driver. And the photos of Oscar that are so dear to you. Let's have more days like that!! Thanks for your comments. Enjoy your Sunday Robyn.
Take care, Love Merle.

Granny said...

Looks like you figured out how to delete comments.

Your newer post showed up in my feeder (bloglines) but not here yet. I was going to tell you to click on the little trashcan.

Unless blogger has changed, you can do that with your own comments on other blogs too (if for example, it posted twice).

Lee said...

Robyn, I'm so glad that you were able to save those pictures of Oscar...how great that is. I know what you must have been feeling at the thought of having lost them forever. Amazing rudeness from that first store. Of course you'll be going back there regularly to do all your camera shopping! ;) I never ceased to be surprised at the way some business operate. How they remain in business, beats the hell out of me!

Great pics. :)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You know we have that terrible customer service here EVERYWHERE!! Sometimes I wonder if anyone knows just how to give good service anymore. When I DO FINALLY find good service I always tell them THANK YOU for being so nice...plus I always go back there and I "TELL OTHERS" too about that place.
I loved your pictures. Sweet ones of Oscar especially. He is big and fluffy like our Lucy was. I still miss her. Sandy

meeyauw said...

I'm glad to see you taking photos. Oscar's expression is delightful: so aloof and elegant. I am so glad I live where I do because people are still nice in stores. If they are grumpy, you know something is wrong and can ask. Your experiences, with that girl and the mother in the other post, remind me of why I love living far from everybody.