13 June 2007

State of Origin 2 Tonight

Cane Toad
(Bufo marinus)
Ok, it's all on at Telstra Stadium tonight...Queensland versus New South Wales. But...can Queensland break the jinx of Telstra Stadium? You bet! Tonight they can...they're going to win the game. They're going to wallop those cockroaches into the ground!

I really think NSW have a lot to be worried about, judging by the reaction from the loudmouthed boofhead on TV last night, when he saw the Maroons' bus... "Gaaaaaarn! Gaaaah haaaaahm. We daaaahn wantcha here, ya cane taaaaahds!" (Translation: Go on! Go home. We don't want you here, you cane toads). Charming. I actually think he's a publicity seeker. Sad, isn't it, to make a right dork of yourself on national television like that. However, like I said, the cockroaches are getting worried. Nice... isn't it?

So, with the decider being held in Suncorp Stadium next month...which Queensland are sure to win, being on home territory and all that...we could be in the running for a clean sweep of the series. How satisfying...the Queensland flag will fly on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Fortunately, I didn't have to put up with the crowds on the train tonight...they're all down in Sydney, although there were a lot of people in the city wearing maroon scarves, jerseys, caps, etc. Good patriotic Queenslanders, I like that. Although I would rather be called a banana bender that a cane toad...a minor technicality and entirely my own hang-up.

Sooooo...here we go again...QUEENSLANDER!!!


Gattina said...

Of course I can't comment on that, but I saw this morning terrible pictures on TV about the floods in Wales (?) Or it's too dry or it's to wet, here it's mostly wet though.
I am stressed with little Rosie, because Pookie is soooo jalous, she even gnarled at me ! Hope with the time it will get better it's only the first day !

Lee said...

I'll be watching the game with you, Robyn! We can both run up and down the field helping our boys get across the line! Go the Maroons! :)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Don't forget to post the final score.

Liz said...

Okay, I've checked out the google map of Australia to find out where these places are and I've got it that Queensland is in maroon and called cane toads, but what game are they playing? And are there any good-looking players?

But anyway, come on Queensland!