19 July 2007

Just a Short Catch up

I noticed that, after the next post, I'll be up to 200...not a lot by some standards, but not too bad for me.

Our weather has been so cold, even during the day. Usually I can turn the heater off at about 9.30 - 10 o'clock in the morning. Not today, it was still cold at lunch time. I did turn it off but I didn't open all the doors and windows like I usually do...too bloody cold. Anyway, the heater is back on now at 4.45 pm, just on low, I'll ramp it up when it gets cooler later.

My eldest daughter rang this morning and poor little Cooper has that nasty vomiting and diarrhoea bug that's doing the rounds at the moment. I think it's the same one that has hit the hospitals in Brisbane, where they've had to postpone elective surgery and isolate afflicted patients. Touch wood...I haven't had it and hope I don't!

No, my problem is hayfever. I have sneezed so much it's a wonder my head is still on my shoulders. My nose itches, my eyes itch and they all water. So...head for the antihistamines...sigh.

I'm not sure what's happening on the work front. There seems to be a downturn, even at my place in the city. I work permanent part time there for two days a week. This week I've only had one day. Fortunately, I can take the other as annual leave. My work at home had dried up too, and that's scary, because it's my main income. However, today I logged in and was gratified to see over 200 sound files there. So hopefully that slump is over. I know what's contributed to it. School holidays and the end of the financial year, although I've never known it quite so bad as this year.

Never mind, it will all improve and the money will start coming in a bit more. There's a $21 million Lotto this weekend...I'll have to make sure I buy a ticket. A share of that will fill the coffers nicely.
Hope you're all enjoying your week and not working too hard.


Peter said...

Hi Robyn, ahaa you'll have to cut out/back on the red wine to settle your history mines down.
We should not complain about the cold, living in Queensland our virgin of cold is pretty mild... but bloody hell its been cold hasn't it? Gympie has had three mornings of -3 and several others of -1 and my house hasn't warmed up in weeks.
Good luck with Lotto!!!!!!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

do buy a lotto ticket...you can't win if you don't play!

it was cold here today, too. mom wore wool socks at work. along with capri pants. not the most stylish, but definitely comfy! just last week, it was in the 90s! (we're farenheit here) the one thing we can count on, right? the changing of the weather!

benjamin fuzz who lives in seattle washington

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn.Its B/cold here -3last night At 8 am this morning was only 1C, I think it reached 10c today, So central heating running non stop.Still trying to get over this bug now got a shocking cough..

Gattina said...

Poor girl, heyfiever is something terrible, my best friend suffers from it and I remember my mother got always shots before spring because otherwise she had to stay in bed and her head swoll up to a red tomato.
I hope you will get a rainfall of work or at least win 1 mill in lotto ! I never won anything. Mr. Gattino once 2000 € (loooong time ago) that was wonderful !!

Hootin'Anni said...

First....good luck on the Lotto!! May your win be the large sum.

Then, don't you just hate winter and cold? I do. And along with it comes the inevitable...COLDS and Flu.

Stay warm.

meeyauw said...

What does cold mean there? Curious.
Oh that lotto: yes! Get it! You're sure to win! ;))

That's what I keep telling my foolish self! And a math teacher am I!

T*mmy said...

I suffer from sneezies and snuffies too...if I skip my Claratin even one day the suffering ramps up in a hurry!!
Hope you are better soon...Cooper too!

RennyBA said...

Good luck with the lotto and post #200!

Don't worry about me and working. I enjoy my vacation in Sweden:-)

Liz said...

Every week Husband says, 'we've got to the Lottery,' but we never do.

Hope your work flows well. I have just had some steady writing work that has brought me in real money. Sadly it is about to end, but it was nice while it lasted. Evn though Husband is a good breadwinner, it's nice to know I cam make a little contribution!

At least you are in winter and expect bad weatherr; it's raining here AGAIN today.

In fact it's pizwp-ing it down. (That's my word verifier!)

jellyhead said...

Another cold morning - not QUITE as cold as yesterday, which you wrote about.

I'm sorry poor Cooper has the gastro wog.

Best of luck in winning lotto!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Good luck with the lotto! Mom buys a ticket efurry once in awhile for the California lottery, but has won two dollars ... that's it. Sigh.

It's pretty warm here in San Diego ... If you want, I'll teleport down under and bring you some "summer" ...


PEA said...

Almost at 200 posts...you didn't know you had so much to say eh? lol I remember your very first post:-) Oh dear, poor little Cooper having that flu...it's really been going around here too and many hospitals and nursing homes have had to stop visitors from coming in. I do hope he recovers real quickly and that you don't get it...bad enough with the allergies! Ugh! Every week I say the lottery Gods will make a mistake and pick my numbers...darn it, they haven't made that mistake yet! hehe xoxo

Lee said...

Brrrrr...it sure is cold, Robyn. I did a flying leap out of bed this morning as I knew if I didn't I'd never get up! I had to go shopping and wanted to get it over and done with as I've got a few things to do around home as well.

I'll go you halves with the lotto...I got my tickets this morning. ;)

I hope work winds back up again for you soon.