26 July 2007

No, I Haven't Left the Planet

I've been busy! From no work last week to all out crazy this week...talk about extremes. Still, I'm happy. I was starting to get a tad concerned at the downturn but everything is flat out again.

Actually I thought I was having to go into the city three days this week, there was so much work. Especially from one specialist...he had 67 files downloaded and about eight were what I didn't finish last week before the end of the day. My off-sider chooses which doctors she likes to do and leaves the difficult ones for me. Actually, there's nothing wrong with this particular doctor's work but he's very prolific and he does a lot of microsurgery. I guess she doesn't like that, but I was annoyed that she hadn't done any of his at all during the week, though. The poor patients would be waiting to hear from their GPs and the files are still sitting in the computer.

So yesterday, I put my head down and got stuck in. I finished the last few off this morning and his work is all up to date...until next week. There will be a whole heap more...actually I don't mind that she doesn't do them now because she does make errors. I do too, but I check my work before it's sent out.

Oh well, that's enough of blowing my own trumpet...you get the idea. I'm wonderful...heehee!

I was talking to my youngest daughter for an hour on the phone the other night. She is more than disillusioned about her job. She works as a property manager and the woman who owns the business has been chasing my daughter for about four years to go and work for her. So with plenty of encouragement from me, she decided to make the move. All went well until the owner went into hospital for a couple of weeks. That left my daughter and a young girl to run the business. They worked long hours and kept the business ticking over for their boss.

She came back to work and after my daughter had left for the day, the owner quizzed the young girl about my daughter's hours...implying that she had "padded" her time. Naturally, my daughter is very upset about this. She can accept the fact that her boss is a tightwad, but she is most upset about her integrity being questioned. I don't blame her. Between my daughter and the other girl, they kept that place from going under...and their pay is nothing to write home about either. Award wages and not a cent over.

Consequently, I think my daughter is thinking very seriously of giving it away and going back to her eBay shop and making all her little bits and pieces. She's had the last week off as holiday leave and it's given her time to really mull it over and chat to her partner about it all. Her employer wants her to go full time, but she wants to stay part time so she can have some time with her family, so that will probably bring things to a head.

When I think of that and how generous some employers are, it makes me wonder. However, I guess that's being human, isn't it? We're all different and have varied and many opinions on one subject...it's a bit of a lottery getting a job with a good employer and decent pay.

The thing is, if employers don't treat their staff right, they don't keep their good staff. Good employees go somewhere else where they're treated, and paid, well.


Peter said...

Hi Robyn, good to hear that your work has picked up again, I was getting worried... after I nominated you for a Schmooze Award and then posted the
Nuw Zulander word meanings I thought maybe I had some fence mending to do.

Gattina said...

Glad to hear that although you had a lot of work, you are "up to date" now !
I can understand your daughter. It's not even the fact of being bad payed or not, it's the leak of confience which hurts your daughter. Anyway this woman seems to me to not be able to be a good boss, apparently she thinks when she, the cat, is not there "the mice will danse on the table" i.e. without her nothing goes. That's not very intelligent and I would probably want to leave too as soon as I can find something better. I couldn't stay with a person who has such poor faith in me.

Lee-ann said...

Robyn, your work load looks like it just took on a speed up of its own I guess that is a good thing.

I do hope your daughters path is going to be a much happier one very soon.

Have alovely Friday.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Don’t work too terribly hard, Robyn. It ain’t kosher these days.

I understand where your daughter is coming from. When someone questions my honesty or integrity, no matter how small the issue, I feel oppressed.

meeyauw said...

Howdy! I'm not around much either; we are having a heat wave! It was 88° today (31°C), so we went down the road and spent another day at the lake where it never felt hot.

Talked to my daughter (#1) on phone tonight too. I'm glad they still need our advice.

Gattina said...

What do you think about my new header on my cat blog ? I took the cat eyes out because it was a little too hard for my tender Rosie stories !

Walker said...

Ah so that's where you were, hiding at work.
I would look at the work the other one is scared to do as your award for being a better employee nad person.

I can understand how your daughter feels especially when she worked hard for this woman only to get slapped in the face.
To bad there are so many employers out there like that but in time they learn as they are left looking for decent help and end up with the person that would screw them over.