07 July 2007

Not a Happy Camper!

I was not a happy camper last night! My heater carked it and it was bloody cold! It didn't die in the morning so I could do something about during the day...no, it had to wait until the evening when everything was closed...typical! Thank goodness for my mother, who had knitted me a huge woollen jacket for when I was going to England in 2000. I wrapped that around me and managed to keep from freezing to death.

It did have a follow on effect, though. I went into my bank account (online) to make sure I had the cash to buy a new heater. After keying in my password I was taken to my account and... halleluia! There was more money there than I expected...brief euphoria, then...uh oh...what hasn't been paid? Had a look at the calendar where I keep a note of my financial responsibilities...oops! Haven't paid the rent...due last weekend.

Grovel and crawl to Jane...who had sort of forgotten it was due, she had thought about it at one stage, then decided that the rent must have been due this weekend. We're a great pair, aren't we? We had a good laugh, then had a cup of coffee and got on to serious stuff...chortle!

Went to see No 1 daughter today...the one who's getting married at the end of September. Oops...she's not happy with her other half...he's being a male, while she's stressing big time. I did a bit of soothing and we eventually ended up laughing about it...hope it lasts.

It's amazing how organising weddings can be so stressful...I remember a friend of mine. She and her intended were living together quite happily...until they decided to marry. A couple of days before the big day, she had her bags packed and was going back to mum and dad regardless. Fortunately, the erstwhile groom came to his senses, grovelled appropriately...and the wedding went ahead.

Jane and Fred have been invited to the "after" party and are absolutely delighted. I was too, they are such good value. The band is the one that played at our neighbour's 50th birthday which I posted about last October...should be a great evening...even if my first ex is going to be there...heheh!

It's No 2 daughter's birthday tomorrow. She's hard to buy for so I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Champagne flutes, was the prompt reply. She doesn't have any and one of her favourite tipples is "Bella" a strawberry champagne (actually it is rather nice). She doesn't like drinking it out of wine glasses because the bubbles disappear too quickly...so I found some lovely crystal flutes...very elegant they are...and will present them to her tomorrow. She's "at home" for visitors and drinks in the afternoon...I rang to check. I have a feeling it will turn into something more...funny, that. Our family doesn't need an excuse to celebrate.

Isn't it amazing? This post started off as a whinge and ended up on an upbeat note...just goes to show what a couple of glasses of dry white can do...

Have a good weekend...I'll talk to you later.


Peter said...

Seems a wine can fix a whine anytime Robyn.

jellyhead said...

he he he..still giggling at Peter's comment

I'm with you on the heater - it really does get chilly in the evenings.

Hope you have a good afternoon with your daughter, the champagne flutes, and maybe some of that Bella (sounds good actually...must look out for it!)

Hootin'Anni said...

Isn't it always the truth?! Something breaks AFTER hours!! Never fails. Wine's always good if you ask me. LOL

And for your request...here's a photo of our Tahoe kitty.

Click here

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Thanks for stopping by Robyn!! Hope that you are keeping warm now!! I hate being cold!! Plus always remember those bills especially the one called RENT!! That is the most important one!!
I am on anti-biotics now..hopefully I will get better soon. Sandy

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Sorry about your heater and guess it has been replaced by now. Good idea asking your daughter what she wanted - and then she gets what she wants. Glad you liked the pics and jokes with morals ans of course the discrimination story was a good one. Thanks for the Doggy one
today. It's clever. Take care my friend and keep warm. Love, Merle.

T*mmy said...

You are a hoot!
I hope you get a heater soon...the air conditioner on here and it feels like a meat locker most of the time...Hubby works in a no air cond envirorment and insists it be cold/frigid in this house...so pass that jacket would ya??

meeyauw said...

That's downright scary when furnaces break in the winter. It happened to me three times this past winter. I am still paying for repairs! I kept wondering how many hours (or minutes, if cold enough) I had until the pipes froze. And it felt miserable.

I'm hoping yours gets fixed soon.

Gattina said...

That's really funny ! While I celebrated my birthday you gave birth to your daughter N° 2 ! I am also born on 8th July ! My son came over from Amsterdam for this event and we celebrated yesterday evening. It was very nice and I really have been spoiled ! A new camera, a big wooden cat, a necklace with a cat and from my son a wonderful watch Swatch ! So now I am one year older, lol !

Merle said...

Hi again Robyn ~~ Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked the hospital story. Funny about those E-mails you and I didn't get. I reckon they must have gone astray, don't you?
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I’m so glad you didn’t freeze to death, Robyn. Of course, wine is an excellent antifreeze.

Remiman said...

Dang it girl, how cold does it get in your winter?
We have a woods stove on stand-by in case our furnace fails for any reason. Of course winter for me means 0 degrees F. to -20 degrees F. thru the months of Jan. and Feb.
Whine, wine, and a wool blanket would only go so far. ;-)
What was that remark about "male" supposed to mean? :-))))

Walker said...

Planning a wedding can be a challenge especially when the bride wants her special day and the groom would be happy with a case of ber and a hotel room LOL

I hope you get that heater fixed soon before you catch a cold

Liz said...

Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday!

My friend was so relieved when her son's wedding was over: she had been so stressed about it. Me, I loved the preparations for my daughter's.

Lee said...

Hi Robyn...I've got a bit of blogging catching up to do...I don't know where the past few couple of days have flown to.

It sure has been cold, hasn't it. I've been keeping warm in my little cabin and the cats and I have been keeping each other warm at night! ;)

You're allowed to have a whine, as well as a wine. I had my "whine" a couple of days ago in my blog! Blame it on the weather! ;)