02 July 2007

Not sure what I'm going to write about tonight...nothing comes to mind but if I keep typing my brain may click into gear.

With regard to one of the photos of Peter and Warren taken yesterday, I made mention of the woman in the background waiting to cross the road. My good friend, Early Bird, who has better eyesight than I do, said that it was a man. I looked again and my goodness, it was too...and I was wearing my glasses when I said that. But...look at the body shape and look at the colour of the shirt...I can be excused for thinking it was a (rather overweight) woman...it's only when I look very closely at the head, that I can see it is a man. So, there you go.

I had a phone call quite early this morning from one of our neighbours in the front. On Wednesday evening is State of Origin III and she has invited me down, along with Jane, Fred, Ken and the boys to have drinks and nibbles and watch the game. Although we have won the first two, which gives us the series, we would really, really like to make it a white wash...so, it should be a good evening. I'll have my grandson, Harry, staying with me that night, so he'll enjoy having Jane and Fred's boys for company...they all get on well. Should be a good night.

I wandered over and had a cup of coffee with Ken earlier. His eldest son, Scott (Jane's brother, in case you're confused) , lives in Thailand...Phuket actually and Ken was telling me of the vagaries of the exchange rate between Australia and Thailand. If, say, Ken sent money to Scott and exchanged it for Thai baht in Australia, the rate is 24.8 baht per Australian dollar. Not bad, is it? However...if Ken sends Scott Australian dollars, the exchange rate in Thailand is 28.9 baht per Australian dollar. What would you do...yep, easy choice isn't it?

Well, I really don't have too much to say...a bit of an anticlimax after yesterday's fun. Hope you all have a wonderful week...and our friends in the USA are getting ready for their Independence Day on 04 July...so there'll be a lot of preparation for celebrations over there. Let us know how it goes...
I've just read this through. God, it's boring...sorry.


Peter said...

Hi Robyn, you can't be expected to maintain the level of excellence of yesterdays post, although a photo of the rose clenched in your teeth would have given it a lift... or maybe a story about pole dancing? I believe I could produce a photo>

Remiman said...

It's the mundane days that make the occasional special days exciting and spectacular.
Glad your blogger convention was a success. I've never met a blogger I didn't like....Oh ya, I've not met any bloggers. Duh!
It's the morning of July 2nd here and the temp is 48 F. More like Autumn than mid-summer....Oh well, it's probably nothing.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ No too boring, you told us about the state of origin final coming up and joining friends to watch it. I also thought that "Woman" was a man - not a real elegant speciman of either sex. After the big convention, we couldn't expect brilliance. But tomorrow, pull your sox up girl!! Thanks for your comments Robyn, I have long considered you a dear friend.Pity we are all slowly shrinking!!!! Take care, Much love, Merle.

"Early Bird" said...

You silly goose, you are not boring...I love your blog! :)

Gattina said...

Not so boring I protest ! it's better then nothing, lol ! With the 4th of July coming up for our american friends I should have read at least 5 x the independence text on blogs to comment for Manic Monday meme "independence" ! so if before I didn't know what it is, after 2 readings I surely know, the others I have to admit I skipped ! Fortunately there were also other interpretations of independence !
We just had a thunderstorm with hail ! that's summer ! BTW I also thought it was a woman !

meeyauw said...

Hi Robyn! I'm back. The Fourth was great! You're right: it was like forever getting ready for it. I had to bring the potato salad to my daughter's cookout. But I also had a class to teach at the college on Tuesday night. So I was up till 1am cooking and cleaning (while I was at work, Wingnut and Mr. T managed to dirty all the dishes, the floor, the stove, the counters, and were too exhausted after that work to care!)

Thank you for thinking of us here in the US.