21 July 2007

Warmer Temperatures Today

Yep, I'm not freezing my tush off today...makes a nice change. Mind, it's not tropical by any means but at least I can open the doors and windows to air the place out without freezing to death.

This morning I repotted some of my plants. The poor things really needed it. Then I ran out of potting mix so had to stop. Oh well, I just had to go and have a cup of coffee and a chat with Ken, Jane's father. He's such an interesting person to talk to. He was a travelling sales rep in his younger years and has some funny stories about that job. He is also a mad keen sailor, has built his own boats and sailed up and down the east coast of Australia during his time. He is also a very talented artist and Jane has some of his pictures hanging in her place. One Ken did when he was was 19 is a still life of beautiful pink roses...they are so realistic you can almost smell them. He has some waterscapes of the ocean on his walls and also one or two paintings of a couple of his boats...a very clever man.

I did some work this morning. Apparently, there was a glitch in the programme which didn't download any files for a day or two. It has been fixed and everything's back to normal, thank goodness. I was getting a tad anxious.

Something interesting for you...I read of a mother who took her two-and-a-half year old to the doctor describing symptoms of violent and aggressive behaviour...a two-and-a-half year old!. The parents were worried that there was something amiss with the boy. The doctor talked to them, observed the child in consultation, gave him a physical and pronounced him fit and well.

He then advised the parents to be more persistent and consistent with discipline and to give him guidelines of what is and what is not acceptable behaviour. He said the child was highly intelligent, had learnt to manipulate his environment both at home and at school and needed to be brought into line (my words) by the parents.

Makes sense, doesn't it? But this can be seen all the time...aggressive kids, tantrums, swearing, violence...and these are the babies! Yet, they're ruling the family and the parents appear to be terrified of the kids! Where's the common sense. Are parents these days too scared to say "no" to their kids? Or am I getting old?


Anonymous said...


agressive kids: I think the problem is more universal. My four and half years old daughtyer is slowly becoming so dominating that we don't know what to do.

Gattina said...

Parents are too lazy to say no ! that costs nerves, saying yes to everything is much easier ! and then little monsters are growing. My best friend's boy is such an example, he never had limits, to everything he did they had said yes. The result was a severe druggy (the judge condamned him to jail or cure) a lazy boy who never worked (now 32) still living with mum and dad and now he has disappeared for two months and nobody knows where he is.
Today we have national day and unfortunately everthing is closed.Little Rosie really is a very good kitten, so far she hasn't done any damage. She behaves like an adult cat only during play times you see that she still is a kitten. She is like a solidier, she has her nap times and play times almost always at the same hour ! Never had a kitten like her. The only thing is that she starts washing now my whole face when I wake up during night and behaves like a bumerang, I push her away and she immediately comes back ! This little sandpaper tongue disturbs me !

Peter said...

A very Schmoozey post Robyn.

Liz said...

Kids today! Seriously, I agree. Some parents are so keen to let their children develop their own personalties that they forget to instill discipline - which helps make that personality be a pleasant human being.

meeyauw said...

Oh they are! And now I am thinking that it is a worldwide problem. Parents are obedient to their children. How in the world did it happen??