27 August 2007


Update: Day 3 of the NT Escape is below this, because I did it in draft yesterday then did this one after and this one has posted first...grrr!

What a lovely surprise for a Monday morning. I went to my posts and found I had been awarded this from Meeyauw. Isn't that nice?

If you haven't read Meeyauw's blog (have a look at my sidebar, because I haven't figure out how to put the link in the text, yet) pop over and visit her. She lives in Vermont and from the photos she posts, it's a beautiful part of the world.

I'm also in awe of Meeyauw because she's a math teacher and does these brain scrambling mathematic puzzles to relax! But she is a pretty gifted photographer too, and some of the butterfly and dragonfly or any fauna and flora pictures she takes are breathtaking.

Thank you again, Meeyauw, that was a lovely surprise.

* * * * * * * *
I shall post the next segment of our trip to the Top End later today. I'm meeting a friend for lunch and, as the sun is shining and the temperature is mild, we shall probably sit outside and watch the world go by while we eat. I also want to ask her if she'll come on a train trip with me. It's a start to my journeys by train that I want to do...the Australian ones first and this is the "Spirit of the Outback" which goes out to Longreach and Winton. Winton is the home of "Waltzing Matilda". Anyway, I'm going to see if Margaret wants to come with me and then we can start arranging it.
Catch you later and I shall regale you with what I had for lunch.


Snow White said...

I feel really bad now for my sis awarded me one of those a couple weeks ago and I meant to forward them so make yours a double will get it posted asap lol

meeyauw said...

wow, thank you for the compliments! I'm blushing!

Lee said...

By the time you get to read my comment, Robyn, you will have already enjoyed that lunch. I think the train trip idea is a great one. You will really enjoy just sitting back watching the view and the world go by. So much to see and appreciate when you're the one sitting behind the wheel. :)

Congratulations on your award, btw...well-deserved. :)

Gypsy said...

Congratulations Robyn, you thoroughly deserve it too. Enjoy your lunch. I love people watching and could do it all day long. Looking forward to the next installment of your trip.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


Remiman said...

Well Toots, I can't think of a more deserving person... congratulations!
You trip is causing me to want to make a trip down under.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

There is a new meme going around so I did one for you..It is not much and to me it was hard but i did the best that i could..go and see..SAndy

T*mmy said...

Congratulations on the award!!

Dragonheart said...

Congratulations on your award! :) It is very well deserved. :)

Hootin'Anni said...

You're so deserving of this award. And I congratulate you!

Now, to help you out. From on blogger to the next...when you're composing your blog and you want to leave a link inside your post, you do this. [you make sure you have javascript enabled on your browser] At the blog box [window] where you type, you should see small icons of text, photo upload etc. etc. After you've typed the words you want linked [for instance a friend's name or blog title] you drag your mouse over the words to highlight them. While still highlighted, take your mouse up to the icon that has a ball and chain..."link" --click on it. Either type in the url or if you've copied the url from your browser address bar, just paste it in the little window that pops up. Then, click OKAY. It's then linked.