16 September 2007

More Photos Regarding the Tree Felling

Oh really?

This photo and the one below are of the same tree, I couldn't get it into the one picture. But let me tell you, it fell with a ground shuddering thud.

The iron bark hit the dust and was sawed into lengths to be split for fence posts.
What's left of seven trees.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I truly HATE to see trees being cut down!! I love trees...always have...always will!! i think they are the prettiest thing!! I loved going to see the BIG BIG ones in California that just go clear up into the sky. They are the biggest trees I have ever seen in my whole life. Here in the south USA we have BIG live Oaks. They spread out in such a beautiful way!! I just stand and look at them and think what they have seen over the years!! I know that sounds silly but that is how much I really love trees!! I hope you don't think I have fallen off of a Limb or something!! Smile.

wazza said...

Gidday Robyn,

As wonderful as trees are they can be very dangerous around homes. The house I used to live in at Coorparoo had a huge gum tree at the back and if it had fallen there would of been nothing left of the house. During strong winds I was always concerned whether the tree would remain standing.
I also know what you meant about the comment you left on my Joseph Banks about Matthew Flinders.
During my research I also came across another reference to Matthew Flinders which I'll add here.
"Banks organized Matthew Flinder's voyage on the Investigator (1801-1803) which helped define the map of Australia."

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn, "Ohhh really" The stumper humper.
I see you got to keep the mulch to spread through the garden.
we had a gum come down on the corner of our house in melbourne right over our daughters bedroom what a noice it made smshing a few tiles ,bricks and spouting lucky no damage in the house. well a small crack down the plaster, then we had a large wattle taken out and no more big trees in the yard,,

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That appears to be a lot of work! Much more than I would have expected. Wow!

Mountain Mama said...

I like trees too but I'd sure rather see them on the ground than on my house!
I've never seen one of those Stump Humpers around here. What purpose does it serve? Oh...never mind.

Tina Trivett said...

I just had a huge pine fall at my place. Looks like you had loads of work with those.

meeyauw said...

That tree is a lot bigger than I ever thought. And the pile of chips from 7 trees is huge. Iron bark trees sound as if they will make a fence that lasts forever. And the stump humper? Shame. Children watch this??

Walker said...

We had a tree removed from our front yard because its roots were causing heaps of problems but I hate seeing trees cut down.
The little stump puller was something to see though.
I didn;t think it would pull it out but it did lol

PEA said...

A Stump Humper!! Love it! LOL I love trees but when they are doing damage to the house or water, then they do have to come down. My friend June had 2 huge trees removed in front of her house...the roots were going through her cement wall basement!! Hard to believe that the pile of wood chips and saw dust you see there use to be 7 big trees!! xox