02 September 2007

Sex is in the air

Spring has sprung and all hell's breaking loose with the wildlife. Yesterday, this one above and her mate were going at it hammer and tongs with an audience of mickey mynahs all twittering and flittering around cheering them on...you know, the equivalent of: "Give it to 'er, mate!" Honestly, you'd think there'd be more decorum wouldn't you?

Then, this morning, at about 6.15 am, I was idly gazing out the kitchen window waiting for my coffee to brew when a movement in the horse paddock caught my eye. On focusing, there were two hares making mad passionate love! I'm feeling a bit left out here...

* * * * * * * *

I think a change of subject is a very good idea. Yesterday and last night was the opening of the Riverfire Festival. Fireworks and the highlight of the night, the dump and burn by two RAAF F1-11s. I didn't go into the city but stood out on the patio, keeping an eye on the tv through the kitchen window. When the countdown started, I kept my eyes glued north and sure enough, after a few seconds, through the trees I could see the fiery trail from the two jets. I think we're about 30 km plus south of Brisbane and I thought we'd be able to see them from here.

* * * * * * * *

Jane and I are feeling happy with ourselves...we got fourth division on Lotto, $42.60 between us. Better than a kick in the pants.

She had given Ken some scratchies for Father's Day and he scored $33. He's home, by the way, but still not recovered completely. It's really taken it out of him...but he's getting his sense of humour back, which is always a good sign. I've been over and had coffee with him, but I don't stay too long as he still gets very tired.

* * * * * * * *

The countdown for the wedding has started...27 days to go. I still haven't bought an outfit yet, but I've seen two that I love...one was over $600 and the other cost more than $700. I can't really justify spending that amount because I'm not sure if I'd get the wear out of them...sigh! However, you never know...

* * * * * * * *

Re the Northern Territory Escape posts. Thank you all for your kind comments...I'm glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I didn't find all the photos I had taken and so I couldn't show you the birds I mentioned in the last post. I'm so pleased I have a digital camera now...makes life so much easier.

* * * * * * * *

Had a wander around the garden earlier. Yesterday was the first day of spring and so I took some more photos of what's blooming now. Hope you enjoy them.

Miniature daffodil...and it is very tiny as you can see from the surrounding greenery.

These plants (above and below) are two types of bromeliads. They collect water in their centres and tiny frogs will make it their home.

Variegated dracena

Sheena's gold durante, they have blue flowers and these berries after flowering has finished.

My pony tail palm which badly needs repotting...although it's quite happy.

I call this a foxtail fern...not really sure what it is. But the fronds get tiny white flowers all over them so it looks as if someone has sprinkled them with icing sugar. I've had it for years and have divided it a couple of times.


Gattina said...

You lucky girl have spring ahead ! while I expect automn now and I hate this season. But on Sept 14 we will go for a week to Italy to the Garda lake, where Mr. Gattino is from. and then on Nov 2 I go with 2 friends for 2 weeks to Egypt to excape the bad weather that's already something.
So you are a stalker ! Never thought that of you ! Watching birds making love ! I am shocked. The flowers are just beautiful !

Walker said...

Spring is coming as summer walks away here.
Spring flowers are the brightest I think. Like fireworks kicking off spring with a burst of color.

You would think those hares would get a room or a burrow.

Go for it 700 dollars is worth it if it makes you feel good.

Who knows if it makes you look really hot you could show those hares a thing ot two. ;)

Gypsy said...

Well Robyn I really didn't know quite what to expect when I read the title of this post.....*giggle*. Gotta love the wildlife..they just move where the spirit takes them don't they.

I agree with Walker. Go ahead and treat yourself to something that makes you feel as special as we know you are. I bet if it was for someone else you wouldn't hesitate so why not for yourself. Go on....be a devil.

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn, Spring is certainly in the air in more ways than one in your neck of the woods lol. Love all your garden especially the bromiliads.. Go on let your hair down and treat yourself the drees you like. I spent that on a dress I had made for my Daughters wedding and felt good in it all day and its still in my wardrobe I got to wear it twice. (((hugs)))

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Robyn, congratulations on the Lotto and scratch-off wins. That makes all three of you among the victorious minority.

I find it so wonderful that, as you are looking toward Spring and the end of Winter, we in the Northern Hemisphere are looking and the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn. Yes, I realize that that’s the way it has always been, at least in human memory, but it has only really been since I began blogging that I have come to appreciate the divergence of the seasons on the lives of us “up here” and you “down there.” (Depending, of course, on how one orients one’s map).

Liz said...

I didn't do much blog visiting last week - having Elder Son home made life more busy than usual. So will have to catch up on your trip reports.

Just to say: yes, you can justify the cost of the wedding outfit. Just because. After all, you've had a lottery win now!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I love that foxtail fern very pretty!! WE are almost into FALL but you would not know it by our weather. WE have been having tons and I mean tons of water here in GA. I was wondering if it was ever going to stop!! Finally he has !! WHEW!! We will be going in to Fall on the 23rd of this month but here in the South East of the STATES it will remain HOT for sometime.
Hey I have picked you to do a meme from my site..They are very easy and I thought fun so drop by sometime. SAndy

T*mmy said...

I laughed out loud at all the mating going on about your place ;)
I'm so glad you are including pictures now...all your plants look very good...I don't think I've ever seen one of those foxtail ferns...very interesting!

Dragonheart said...

Spring is starting in your part of the world, and autumn is starting here. Enjoy your spring weather!

Lee-ann said...

AH! yes spring, now I know why hubby is chasing me around the lounge room (gosh! did I say that just kidding!!) and me a grand to almost 9 little ones lol lol lol lol

Robyn, you gave me a good old fashioned out loud laugh tonight thanks for that :)

I think you should get what makes you feel truly wonderful, why I have a couple of outfits here that I looked stunning in (if I do say so myslef lol)spent a fortune for them for our dughters and sons weddings yep!a fortune and have never used them again, BUT! I would do it again. but don't go with what I say my friend just truelly go with what makes you happy. I know you will knock them dead!!

best wishes to you tonight.

jellyhead said...

I have never seen birds having sex....can't imagine how it would even look!!

Loved your springtime post and photos!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ That was quite a title !!
Loved all your pictures, everything grows so much better in your climate
Good luck with you dress for the wedding. Thanks for your comments - pass on that warning to all the girls and women in your life won't you? Peter and I do look alike, so I'm told. Glad you enjoyed the jokes, I was a bit worried I had offended all those country folks on the desert island.
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

Remiman said...

Spring has sprung in all it's glory down your way for sure. If you keep watching those critters there's no tellin' what antics you might decide to engage in. ;-)
That tiny daffodil is so precious. I've never seen one so small.
We are leaving the cottage today and moving back home. It's cool and breezy so a good day to "Labor."

PEA said...

Well I never!!!! Well I have but...did you have to put SEX in your title to get me all excited??? LOL I'm still giggling here!! Just the other day when mom was here, there were two dragonflies that landed on her and they were mating...mom looked at them and said "don't you know it's not Spring anymore?" lol I so enjoyed seeing the photos of your flowers and plants...it's such a wonderful feeling to see everything coming to life after winter:-) Congrats no the lotto win to you and Jane...Steve & I always go half and half on the lottery every week and one of these days I hope we get the BIG ONE!! xoxo

Lee said...

That is a Foxtail fern, Robyn...it's one of the Asparagus fern family.

I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs before I start the day. I've been lagging these past few days, as you know!

Spring is in the air! Maybe if we throw on a few feathers we'll have more luck, Robyn! ;)

meeyauw said...

spring already??? I think that's bad news for ME. Those plants that have little frogs in the middle are wild. I wish we had some like those. the reddish one looks just like a red cigar!