10 September 2007

She's Baa-aack!

Flossy's back online...and do you think I can get a link to work? Nope...been trying all sort of ways. I did it once before in my Northern Territory Escape, but it won't work for me today. Anyway her blog is http://amethystgrove.blogspot.com/ so go and say hello to her. She'll be pleased to see you.

As for me...well the socialising continued last night. I was all settled in for a quiet night with no wine, I had got a pork schnitzel out of the freezer and was going to have that for dinner, settle in watch a bit of TV and do some blogging.

At five o'clock Jane came over with an invitation from Graham and Julie, another set of neighbours, to go over and have wine and nibbles. Apparently, their youngest son, Simeon, had turned 18 a few days earlier and they had a bit of do for him on the Saturday night. Sunday was the mature people's turn...

Graham's got a great set up for entertaining with a well stocked bar, a pool table, juke box and stereo system. Julie brought out dips, cheese, nuts and crackers and we settled ourselves in for a good evening. Some of the guys played pool, the jukebox was playing great 70s and 80s music and the rest of us stood or sat around talking. There were some other people from a couple of houses down as well.

It was not a rowdy evening by any means (I don't think anyone could handle it after the weekend we'd had), but it was most pleasant. I was home by eight, Jane had gone a little earlier to get dinner for Ken and to organise Mitch and Scotty into showers before bed. Fred and ambled back a little while later.

So...that was my weekend, anything but boring. When I mentioned working from home full time, someone made the comment that I would miss the social aspect of actually going out to work. With neighbours like mine, there's not a chance of that happening...I love it.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and now you'll all be looking forward so much to getting back into the working week.

Oh, by the way, George Dubya is still here, I think, but things have been pretty quiet since the uproar caused by The Chaser team last week. Yes, it could have turned out tragically, all that was needed was one nervous trigger happy copper. Fortunately it didn't and I still think it was funny...but that's me and I make no apology for it.


meeyauw said...

I found a goodie for you and your fellow citizens; I blogged it tonite.

If I got too political in that other post, please just delete it. I get worked up on this stuff a lot lately. I apologize.

Lee said...

You sure had a fun-filled, social weekend, Robyn...and I agree, you won't miss working in the city at all with that crew around you! ;)

Dragonheart said...

It sounds like you had a very busy weekend!

Gypsy said...

You should never have to apologise for a good sense of humour. I'm glad like you say though that nobody from the constabulary panicked and shot first and asked questions later. Alls well that ends well.

Glad you had a good weekend Robyn. Your neighbours sound fantastic.

PEA said...

I think it's wonderful when neighbours get together often like that for some fun times...I use to have neighbours like that but now all the new people who have moved in are no fun at all! lol xoxo

Gattina said...

Hehe, I love when you mention "I had no wine" ! But then you catched up with the neighbors I bed ! I like those get togethers too ! Double you had done another "faux pas" instead of saying Apec he said Opec which was an oil organisation. I don't remember well but I laughed ! I can't comment anything on your last post I don't know the guy ! I went to the annual feast in the neighbor town and found some very nice black jeans (stretch) with silver nails on my butt for only 12 € ! Now I have to bend over all the time !

T*mmy said...

So glad to hear that Flossie is back and will be sure to look her back up!

You always sound like you have the best times!

Liz said...

You do have such lovely sociable neighbours; you're very lucky. But you must be nice too to be invited!

Remiman said...

I did pop over to say hey to Flossie a moment ago. I got there before you mentioned it since she sits alphabetically higher than thou on my blog roll. I check on her every couple weeks and surprise, surprise today she was home.
Shoulds like a right neighborly area you inhabit, one I could settle into with and easy heart.
Good friends = a long and happy life.