25 October 2007

Right...well, I've been downright lazy about blogging over the last week. I have been working, but I've had lots of visitors and I also found a couple of good books I couldn't put down. Today, I've decided to cast my slothful habits off (well for a little while, anyway), visit you all and post a short catch up.

I've just had the magpies squabbling at the door. The concubine is still around...I don't think she's found a mate and the other male and female pick on her all the time. They won't let her feed while they are there...which she was just before, that's why there was a row. Poor thing. She has about 2 mm broken off her lower beak and the top part is curving down slightly. It doesn't stop her picking up the cat biscuits though, but because she's different, she gets a hard time from the other two. I should be seeing their babies soon...they're eating so much that they're obviously feeding young ones.

Talking of babies, my daughter's Indian ring necks have two babies. They're two weeks old and just starting to get feathers.

Mating is going on all around the place. The raucous channel billed cuckoos have obviously got mates because they've quietened down quite a lot. However, the koels have taken their place and thank goodness, their mating call is far more melodic. I love mimicking them...they get quite frantic, thinking I'm another koel. I get a real kick out of it...the birds probably don't though, but they do make me laugh.

I haven't heard yet whether Gabbie has got through phase one of the State trials for netball. She should get a letter very soon, she's probably on tenterhooks waiting.

We have Stacey's (my eldest granddaughter) 18th birthday on Saturday night...just a family do. She spent her actual birthday at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast with a group of friends and had a really nice day. She didn't want a party where everyone drank too much and become totally stupid, so she chose to do that instead and have a family get together this Saturday. It will probably be a barbecue with family and close friends.

Next month is Gabbie's 16th birthday and her mother is not very impressed. She asked Gabbie ages ago if she wanted a birthday party and Gabbie said she didn't. However, she changed her mind last week...she now wants a party. I know one thing...I'm so glad I'm past all that crap.

Okay, I've burbled on long enough about nothing. I shall try and find something interesting to tell you about next time.


Remiman said...

Even with the trials and tribulations of family it truly is a wonderful life.

jellyhead said...

Hi Robyn,

Your day-to-day life is definitely interesting - it's these small moments that make life the rich tapestry that it is.

I've been reading good books, too. We all need a rest from the fast pace of blogging sometimes!

Have a lovely evening!

Gledwood said...

Talking of birds - have you seen "my" (I use quotes as it's not really mine!) cockatoo video? It's really hilarious!!

T*mmy said...

LOL at you mimicking a mating call...

Happy Birthday to Stacey!

RennyBA said...

Hey, this is not just nothing - I like to read about your daily life and ramblings too you know :-)

Greetings to Stacey all the way from Norway!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You have grandchildren the same age as mine. i did not know that? My oldest Brie is 18; then Emily is 16; then next one is 14; 7; 9; and 6...You are close to my age then..wow...glad that you posted..don't worry about what you write about..it is just what is going on in your life and that is the best thing.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Ah, Spring! Flowers blooming and lovers swooning! New life all around. And on this side of the globe it is finally becoming autumn.

Andrée said...

Whenever you write about the magpies I feel so sorry for that little girl (I don't like that C word: it's so male-oriented!). I know it's their world but I seem to over-identify with her being lost and forgotten. The other birds sound so exotic, too. I've actually been reading again, myself! I'm proud. Got to do more!