19 November 2007

The Birds and a Birthday

Gabbie is sweet 16 today. Happy birthday, Gabs. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Love from Nan.

This photo and the one below are of Mother Magpie feeding Raucous Baby. Quiet Baby was there, but flew away when I moved closer to the window. In the photo above, Mother is on the left and below, she's on the right.

Here she is having a quiet moment.

Mrs Kookaburra sitting on the rails around the stable surveying her kingdom or perhaps looking for an unwary insect.


Peter said...

Hi Robyn, Happy Birthday Gabbie, how come you have more birds in your life than I do?

Gattina said...

The magpie made me think of me, lol ! My son is also a lot taller than me and was already a geant as a baby !
I so much wish to have a Kookaburra in our garden ! What fun would I have when it wakes up Mr. Gattino !!

The hotel cat was a she ! (3 colors)

Walker said...

Happy Birthday to Gabbie
I know I am late but I'm not 16 anymore it takes me longer to get around at 17.

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Gabbie...gosh, sweet 16, what a wonderful age in someone's life!! Love the pictures of the mama feeding her baby...pretty bad, though, when the baby is bigger than the mama! lol xox

Andrée said...

My first kookaburra! they are really pretty. thank you!