09 November 2007


Yep, my all time favourite fruit, the mango, is now available. They are late this year, usually being in the shops in October, consequently I was starting to suffer MDS (mango deficiency syndrome...if it wasn't a medical condition before, it is now).

These ones (see below) are actually from the Northern Territory and considering they have been freighted roughly 4,000 km, the price wasn't too bad at $1.29 each. However, the choicest and most sought after mangoes are grown in Bowen, the mango capital of Queensland. Bowen is in far north Queensland, in the tropics, and the mangoes are enormous and soooo tasty.

Being the mango capital, I have it on fairly good authority that the public toilets are labelled Mango and No Mango...get it? Gents and ladies. It's true, according to my source.

However, be that as it may, Bowen mangoes are eagerly awaited and we should see them pretty soon. Mind you, I'm not sure how many orchards are left standing after Cyclone Larry visited the general area last year...but still, we wait with bated breath.

My purchase yesterday.

My breakfast this morning.


Peter said...

Just for interest Robyn, how did the board taste, I know it would have been better than the mango.
Your informant was right about the toilet signage at Bowen, well at one beach block anyway.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I wonder if any of the groceries here now have mangoes and, if so, what they cost? Maybe as much as gasoline.

Gledwood said...

Be careful of leaving them too long in the house!

I once had MASSIVE fruit-fly invasion thanks to a Tesco's mango!

T*mmy said...

I like mango in a fruit salad.
Those look lovely!

Flossy said...

Yes indeed, I purchased a single mango yesterday myself. Of course there is only one person in this household who ever gets to eat them, as she sniffs them out and devours them in 20 seconds flat!

Andrée said...

Hi Robyn! Somebody else somewhere in the US blogged mangoes this week, and they looked like little oranges. These look more like peaches (at least your breakfast ones). I've never had one. Never seen one. They are not in the stores (that I know of). If they are like peaches, I'd love one.