03 November 2007

Some More Garden Pictures

I did some transcribing this morning and around about 8.00 am I decided to take a break, have some breakfast (I started at 6.00 am...actually I slept in) and a wander around the place to see what I could photograph. As the keen gardeners amongst us know, the garden is constantly changing and I found all these.

A lovely variegated leaf hydrangea and below, another with the loveliest pink flowers.

The frangipani I photographed last week...but look how the stem has grown...those flowers will be out by next week, hopefully, and I will show you then how beautiful they are.

This is not a true rhododendron but is part of the family. The brown leaves are where it was sunburnt.

If you look closely you will see symmetry in perfection...I'm not sure where the builder was, but she has woven a beautiful web.

The last of the hippeastrums. These are a beautiful bright blood red...unfortunately the true colour is not shown here.

This photo and the one below are two different pink spring crocus. They come up after we've had rain and are also known as rain flowers. And you can see below, we have grass now!

Our massive beautiful tipuana tree with Ken's place in the background. This is covered in tiny yellow flowers and if you stand under it you can hear the bees humming as they gather nectar.

And last but not least...Hooks. This one's from the Never a Dull Moment File. The lattice gate she is perched on is outside my kitchen window. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I was working, doing some transcribing. She was perched up there singing out to Fred who had gone down the back to Roger's place (Hooks can see him from that vantage point). The only thing is she was making such a racket, I couldn't hear what was being said through my earphones. After telling her to shut up with minimal effect, I went next door to see if Jane could get her down. Knowing Hooks so well, Jane armed herself with a pump action bottle of water. She first tried to entice Hooks onto her hand...Hooks looked at her as if to say, "Yeah, right. In your dreams." So Jane threatened her with the water...Hooks moved off the gate and onto the lattice proper. Jane tried again, no luck. So she squirted Hooks, who squawked indignantly and fluttered down in a flurry of feathers, took off to her cage with Jane after her saying, "Well, I told you to get down, so it serves you right. You should do as you're told and then you wouldn't get squirted."
I went back to work.
Just a last paragraph...there is a $20 million superdraw on Lotto tonight, so the Wine O'Clock Club are convening at 5.00 pm to decide how it's going to be spent.


Peter said...

Good luck with Lotto, I expect an invite to the party!!!!!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Such photogenic plants you have! Of course, Hooks is quite photogenic, too.

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn,Nice plants,Oh Hooks was not being very obedient lol. good luck with lotto. Hic! Hic! another wine please....

Remiman said...

Ah the promise in Spring!

Lotto? A trip to France per chance?

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I like seeing your pictures from around your house. It makes it more real when i can see where someone lives. That Hooks is a bird with an attitude for sure...smile!!


Andrée said...

Hi Robyn! Yeah, I've had an awful cold for two weeks. It's been going away for one week but leaving me all worn out. So it's great to see these flowers as all of ours are gone now. It's your turn now to carry on the beauty of summer. Thank you for visiting; it boosts my spirits when I'm bored but too tired to do a thing.

Andrée said...

OH I forgot: don't forget me in that lotto money meeting.