14 January 2008

Holiday Time

The last remnants of the day...looks like fire, doesn't it? Double click it, it looks better.
Butter wouldn't melt

Taking a swipe at my toes

Up to no good on the computer

We had a funny thing happen a couple of weeks ago. It happened twice, actually. Our neighbour's goats came and visited. They made their way through his fence, through his front neighbour's fence, across the driveways and through our open gate. Fortunately, goats being walking stomachs, Fred was able to lure them into the stable yard and shut them in. As we've had heaps of rain, there was plenty of grass and Fred also put a couple of containers of water in for them.

He rang Seb, our neighbour, whose partner, Sonia, arrived a couple of hours later with a bucket of lettuce leaves to entice the goats home. She also left a tray of mangoes. As Jane and I had gone halves in a double layered tray of mangoes only a couple of days before, we had mangoes coming out our ears. Anyway, the last I saw of Sonia, she was heading out the gate with about 10 goats running after her, bleating. It looked so cute.

Fred & Scott giving the goats some bread

The kids with the kid.


Liz said...

That's not something that's ever happened to us! Although we did once get a strange man (from the nearby home) wandering round our garden.

Andrée said...

Aren't goats something else? I love them because they can be so naughty. I'm not up to the work they require, tho. Your weather looks grand at the moment there. That sunset: wow! And your baby? She is stunning. Her colors I do not see often. It must be nice having one cat: they truly bond with you and not with any other person or cat.

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, the sunset here was excellent last night but at this time of the year it sets behind a very ordinary foreground, its much nicer when it sets more North West.

Gypsy said...

Hi Robyn
That first picture is beautiful but kind of sinister at the same time. I love the one of the kitty peering at the keyboard, she looks like she's up to mischief.

We quite often have sheep that get under our fence to feed on our grass (when there is some). We have a family in the neighbourhood that take their goat for a walk, along with their pony, horse and 3 dogs. They actually have it on a lead and it looks hysterical.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Beautiful photo of the sky! :)

Mitzi is adorable. :)

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ The sunset is lovely and your
Mitzi is very cute. I would try to keep her away from the computer though. Great visit from the goats. I liked the kids with the kid!!
Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the kids quips. I liked your grandson's
"I hurt my roof". I think Leann will be OK as she has great faith, though it is hard at any age to lose a parent.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Gattina said...

That is country life ! Goats in your garden, lol ! I once had a cow looking through the living window I can tell you I got a shock !
Little Mitzi just looks gorgious she also has these big eyes just like Rosie, in fact they look quite alike where Mitzi is grey Rosie is black ! You should re-open Oscar's blog and rename it Mitzi. Then you could post more pictures to make me happy, lol !

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Some unexpected company i see!! Oh well...bet it was a change for you!! Hope all is well there in your part of our world. I am fine. Working this afternoon. Sandy

Walker said...

They just stopped by to help fertilize the yard LOL

Gledwood said...

That top pic reminds me of a kind of artwork I used to do as a kid when you put a feiry coloured background down in crayon, paint over it in black and pick it off... leaving a v evocative silhouette drawing behind

that definitely looks far more like art than a photograph!

RennyBA said...

What an amazing sunset picture and so is your new template - congrats - its really nice, and readable!

The story about the cat and the goat was cute and a bit strange to see that right now since we haver winter in Norway you know - thanks for sharing :-)

Angelo said...

That looked like a gorgeous sunset. Mitzi looks like she's got a lot of stories in store. I think I'd like to have goats in my yard? Looks like the kids enjoyed the kids!

Michael Manning said...

First, I must admire your Cat. He is obviously a welcoming sort, unlike the local Cat that bit me! The kids interacting with the animals is an adventure they will long remember thanks to your photos! :D

Gattina said...

I really thought you would now participate at COT and show us a lot of pictures of little Mitzi, so I was a little disappointed when I saw none ! Are you very busy and have no time to blog ?

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn, Love the sunset through the trees.Looks like Mitzi heard about and looking for the Mouse,, Lol,, Take care, Jen

TorAa said...

Dear you, this a standard comment:
My Glasses are left in the office.

I'm very grateful for your concerns regarding my daughter. That helped her and me too.

This is written by the help of Anna, as i can not see whar I write, but I do by many yers of key board practise
I hope it's readable

I will commentyour post, when my glasses are over my nozetip again.


Did I see some cats nad goats? me love

Snow White said...

love the pics , you really were not kiddin' about the goats huh lol, sorry another lame joke