02 February 2008

Cats and a Meme

You may have noticed the black cat on my side bar, "Lucky". That is courtesy of Peter from Holtie's House...he's far more clued up about HTML than I am. If you run your cursor over the cat, its head follows the pointer and you can hear him purr and he tries to pat the pointer...clever, eh? Thank you so much, Peter.

Meanwhile, this morning I was trying to work. I say trying...have a look below:

You can see Mitzi is preparing to pounce and...

a paw snakes out then,

the head appears. How am I supposed to work with this carry on?

Here's a meme from Anni, who got it from Pea and now I've grabbed it.
Four Jobs I've had
1. Working in the refreshment bar of the local picture theatre when I was 15.
2. Catering staff on day trip launches.
3. Picking strawberries
4. Exec PA to CEO of a large laboratory.
Four Movies Watched Over and Over
1. Gone With the Wind
2. Neverending Story
3. The Green Mile
4. Sound of Music
Four Places I've Lived
1. Auckland, New Zealand [born]
2. Wanganui, New Zealand
3. Waimana, New Zealand
4. Brisbane, Australia
Four Shows I Watch
1. Little Britain...and it starts again this Wednesday
2. Specks and Specks
3. Kath and Kim
4. Home and Away
Four Places I've Been
1. Bay of Islands, New Zealand
2. Rotorua, New Zealand
3. Sydney, NSW, Australia
4. Darwin, NT, Australia
Four People Who E-Mail Me Regularly
1. Daughters
2. Grandchildren
3. Brother
4. Friends
Four Favorite Things to Eat
1. Maltesers
2. Tiramisu
3. My home made guacamole
4. Mangoes
Four Places I'd Rather Be
1. Broome
2. Whitsundays
3. Ireland
4. Home
Four Things I Look Forward to This Year
1. Retiring...yay!
2. Getting published (I live in hope)
3. A train trip to the outback
4. Going to New Zealand with my granddaughter in November
Anyone who'd like to fill in the fours...go right ahead!!


Gattina said...

Interesting list with a cute help of Mitzi ! She also has very big eyes ! At least you have an assistant now and she is awake ! Not like mine !

Hootin' Anni said...

OMGoodness....how could I ever forget Gone with the Wind?!!!! Of course, of course, I've watched it so many times myself I can mouth the words. And your guacamole? I want some!!!! yesterday!! LOL

Great job on the meme.

And your kitty photos? Absolutely award winning...you should do some searching and find somewhere you can enter those in a contest.

Happy weekend, and thanks for the visit.

Remiman said...

I love your new set up as well as both of your new kitties; Lucky, and Mitzie.
My friend leaves from the south pole next week and will be in New Zealand for a week before returning to the states.
I'm going to have to find a way to get down to that neck of the woods.

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn,Had a smile at Mitzi's antics, The Green Mile ive watch a few times one of my favorites along with Shawshank redemption...ive all watch the others you mention a couple of times,Ive been to Darwin a few times By car, by plane twice.
Btw. only allowed to water garden with hand held trigger fitted hose. not lawns and no washing of cars..

Walker said...

How many berries did you eat and how many did you bring back.
Every time i pass the mouse over the cat my cat chases it.

If Frick isn't chasing the mouse on the screen he's sleeping on the keypad so now i gave him his own laptop to sleep on so I can post.

They make you laugh don't they

Maggie R said...

Hi "PIB"
Just dropped in from Pea's Blog to say Hi.
We live half a world apart! I am in Southern Ontario, Canada....
Have enjoyed your blog... I suppose you are having warm weather whilst I am trying to keep warm. We are in a bit of a melt right now which suits me just fine....
Take care my friend and come see me sometime.. I'll pour you a nice glass of wine and we can chat!!;-}

Andrée said...

You forgot your visit to the US and New England and me! And I'm getting your room ready, too! (sniff)

Now Mitzie is one very handsome lady. She is adorable, and no, you should never work when it is play time. She knows best.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I have already done this meme!! Fun thought and I love seeing about you.
this really shows just how big Australia really is!! Fun to see.
I have always wanted to see where you live.
I am going home tomorrow to Georgia. My dad is doing fine and so is my mother. So glad that I could be here with them. Sandy

DianeCA said...

That HTML cat is really wild, but of course not quite as cute as your real one!!

Angelo said...

Mitzi's a cutie. So is that html kitty on the side :)

That's a great list, Robyn, "Little Britain" is hilarious! Good luck with getting published, that would be awesome!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Love the cat that Peter put on for you. And your four answers were good too. Also love the map of Australia with Europe inside, Clever.
Thanks for your visit. I agree "Anyone who is not confused doesn't really understand the situatio."
Me too. Knew you would be upset about The Vintage wine getting thrown out.
Definitely a blonde, though it didn't say so.
Take care, Robyn, Love, Merle.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oh, your Mitzi is just a classic kitty ... too cute. I just love cats, they show such fun personalities.
Lucky is cute ... I found him once, and thought about putting him on my sidebar, but I think I already have far too much on my blog ... it takes too long to load as it is !!
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow