04 July 2008

Around the Garden Again

Yes, I've been wondering around taking photos again. Even though it's winter (average daytime temp 22 degrees C, cold at night), we still have flowers, not as many as in the summer, but enough to put colour in the garden. Fred, being the avid gardener he is, loves wondering around and just looking, as I do. We quite often walk around together in the weekends.

Anyway, here's what's flowering at the moment...

These two are the same type of plant...the allamanda or trumpet vine.

Left is a pink camellia and right is one of Fred's lovely cattleya orchids. He has another colour of the same type with heaps of buds on it...so when one of the flowers comes out, I'll show it.

Left is pyrostegia or flame vine. Right is a couple of red fluffy puffball flowers. I don't know what it's called but it's very pretty.


Walker said...

I want my winters to be 22c to instead of -22

Nice flowers, its hard to belive its winter lol

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn,

I love the yellow allamandas, I had to dig out a big one when I put in the gazebo garden, and I've tried to replace it but haven't found the best spot for it yet.

You are right though, when I look around the yard there are definitely blooms about, I even had a big yellow hibiscus on a plant that is still sitting in a pot waiting for a transplant spot.

Thanks for sharing yours, a delight to open the page and see the lovely colour.

And thanks for the tip about the seedlings too - it's exactly the sort of advice I need!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Beautiful flowers for the wintertime!! We also have flowers here in Georgia in the winter but not as pretty as yours!! It is of course summertime here!! Hope all is well at your home and you are enjoying being home..Sandy

katztales said...

Thanks for dropping by. Your garden looks lovely. Those pink flowers look like what my grandmother used to call Ijsbloemen or Ice Flowers. Will try to find latin name for you.