26 July 2008

More Birds

These are more parrots...galahs. If you remember I put some photos on last year, but because the camera I had then only had a 3X zoom, they weren't very successful. My current camera has a 10X zoom and so I can get better shots of the birds.

Some diners at "Restaurant Galah"
A close up of the diners...plus

a couple of top knot pigeons taking advantage of the free dinner.


Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ More cheeky birds, but I don't like the galahs as much as the Lorikeets. I think they screech
or is that white cockatoos? A neighbor has a very screechy bird, but I can't see which it is. I have
too many pigeons here. I should put a sign, Blackbirds only as I like them best. Glad you LOL at the insufficient funds, and the bank going broke. It was funny. and thanks for comments on the last post (I should change that to previous post) sort of inviting the end !! The definitions were good.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Liz said...

More fantastic birds!

Thanks for passing on my message to gleds!

The award is Brilliant Weblog and is only a few posts ago on my blog!! Have you and Jane been on the wine already?!

RennyBA said...

I just love your new cam - what great pictures - thanks for sharing!

Walker said...

Beautiful birds.
We don;t have anything like that around here but those sure add alot of color to the landscape

Jewelgirl said...

Love all of your bird photos!

catsynth said...

Very interesting parrots - cute too :)