16 July 2008

The Second Doctor's Visit

I went back to see Vijay last night and he's quite concerned about this affliction of mine. I've now got Aristicort, a steroid cream, and Polaramine, an antihistamine to take at night and he wants me to have another treatment with the cream on Saturday. It's advised no more than two treatments and seven days apart.

I must admit the Aristicort is great. The horrible thing about this infection is the itching at night. It's been driving me mad. It wakes me up and keeps me awake but the steroid cream certainly helps in settling it down.

I have learnt quite a bit about scabies from the internet. Apparently the itching is a result of an allergy that people develop after the initial infection...no wonder the antihistamine worked so well last night. I had a great night's sleep...no itch and the Polaramine makes me drowsy, too.

However, some of the information is contradictory. Some say to wash all clothing, towels and bedding in hot water then tumble dry them. Other indications are that the mites can't live once they're off the human host so it's not necessary to do all that. If that's the case, then they shouldn't have been on the lounge. Which begs the question, where did I get it from?

Whatever...I'm taking no chances and my clothes are all washed with the eucalyptus in each load and then tumble dried. I have sprayed the lounge and recliners with pyrethrim spray (which is very effective in eliminating them...the treatment cream is based on pyrethrim) and I've warned my family and friends that I'm off limits for the time being. Have you ever had the feeling that you are to be avoided at all costs?

I shall be glad when this is over...I've thought about contacting the seller, but I can't really prove that it was the lounge, although it probably was. I think I'll contact Ebay, though, see what they say about it all.

I hope you are all enjoying your week. Cheers.


Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ I sure hope you are soon better as it sounds uncomfort-
able and sleep deprived. Thanks for your e mail about Olive. We were indeed privileged to know her. I tried to e mail Mike last night, but it came back, will try again. I was sorry he was in Europe for 2 months before she died. He & Katya went to see her Friday but she was too far gone, and died early Sat. morning.
Glad you liked the jokes. Take care,my friend, Love and Hugs,

Flip Flop Floozie said...

My mother had a bad itching problem and they could not figure out what caused it. Took all her soaps away from here, perfume..etc. She just could not get better!! Finally she went to the health food store and bought some Omega 3-6-9!! She started that and now has not had any problems with itching. She went to the doctor and he just could not get her straightened up at all.
Course you have a different reason. Just thought later you might try this.
I would contact Ebay...just to let them know if for nothing else. I know there is nothing that can be done. You really cannot prove it..although YOU know that is where it all came from. Glad you have something to clean the furniture up with. WHEW!! I can only wonder how this must hurt plus itch..

Gattina said...

Poor girl you must feel like having the pest !
Complaining at Ebay will be useless, they are only an agent and don't see even what is sold. Even a spider or a snake can be hidden in some furniture. The seller will swear of course that nothing was in the lounge and that he is the cleanest person in the world. It's a pity it just happened to you. Warn everybody you can !

Walker said...

I say boil it all to be on the safe side.
Over kill is better than leaving the little buggers alive.

Contacting ebay wont do anything.
You can leave bad feedback on the sellers site warning others than might buy something from them.

RennyBA said...

Sorry to hear this Robyn, but also it is a great example of how you could help yourself by searching the net and not only rely on 'expert' - well done!

Mountain Mama said...

Even if they can't live when they are removed from someones body, I wouldn't feel clean until I had thoroughly scrubbed everything in sight.
I'm glad you are getting some relief, and sleep too.

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn. so sorry to hear you have contacted "scabies!" You may have brushed up against someone in a shopping centre or a stray animal while out shopping...I wish you a very speedy recovery from this terrible itch...

Liz said...

You poor thing. I really hope that your skin is much improved by now and the rash gone.