19 August 2008

An Invitation

I had done my morning's work on the computer and wondered over to have coffee with Ken. I called in to see Jane on the way and Ken was talking to her. He asked if I'd would like to go out for lunch...is the Pope Catholic?

I knew where he wanted to go. Jane's brother, Roger, has moved back to Queensland from Ballarat. He's a chef and had got himself a job at the Springfield Tavern. Now Springfield Lakes is one of those manufactured suburbs although this will eventually end up being a satellite city. Anyway, as usual, I digress...Ken wanted to try lunch at the Tavern...so did I. Roger didn't know his father was going to check up on him...

I shot home, threw some tidier clothing on, grabbed my bag and sunglasses and we drove through to Springfield Lakes, about a 20 minute drive. The pub is fairly new...a couple of years old, I think, and being a week day, blessedly empty. There were one or two other retiree couples out for lunch on a lovely sunny day but that's all.

I ordered nachos and Ken ordered fish and chips. Roger brought them out himself...service from the chef, yet. I love nachos and consider myself a connoiseur of this dish. There is a place in the city that I used to say made the best nachos in Brisbane. Not any more. Roger's nachos were to die for, with plenty of avocado and sour cream...he doesn't stint. I couldn't get through it all, unfortunately. Ken's fish and chips came with a small side salad and a serving of hot chips. He had two good sized pieces of fish with lovely thin crispy batter and a small bowl of tartare sauce with slices of lemon.

I tried valiantly to get through my nachos, but had to give up. Roger didn't seem particularly perturbed...he's not a temperamental chef...no Gordon Ramsay in this laid back guy. However, they were delicious.

So, that was lunch...along with a glass of white wine, which meant I had to come home and have a nana nap.


Criz Lai said...

Wow... That's a nice day off for some relaxation. It sounded like Ken had a better deal over your nachos. I longing for some fish and chips now. Who's gonna cook for me? :P


Gattina said...

Since I have nana age I can't sleep during afternoons anymore and I get up with the chickens, it is a shame !

TorAa said...

Nobody but you can put a simple question like this:
Is the Pope Catholic?
And then Nachos, avocado etc etc and White wine.

Here's to you:
I have nominated you for an Award. I'm not the blogger that do that very often, but at this occasion, you were among the choosen.

yeah, it's on my secret blog.

Liz said...

A son who's a chef. Now that's what I'd like. Although Younger Son did cook veggie burger and baked beans for me last night!

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn...fish and chips with a glass of wine thank you...

Gypsy said...

Oh glory be...another food post. What? No doggy bag from the chef? Hmmmm...on second thoughts that might be a bit messy, not to mention soggy :)