22 September 2008

Carnival of Flowers Part 2. The Grand Parade

The Town Crier led the parade.

Then came the coppers on their motorbikes, turning on their sirens, much to the excitement of the kids around us.

You wouldn't miss this patrol car on the highways.

Unfortunately due to the drought, the floats weren't as floral as they could have been, but considering that, they did pretty well. Here are a few examples.

Flowers and piggy banks from the Heritage Building Society (my banking institution).

Petunias and alyssum decorate the "High School Musical" float.

Even the Boys' Brigade made a great effort for their 100th Anniversary. Well done, boys.

Women in Harmony had a very pretty float...of course.

Some of the Red Hat Ladies rode in style. Read about Peter's experience with a Red Hat Lady in Wazza's Place. Warren also has some lovely photos of the parade.

Pretty cottage garden flowers.

The Scouting and Guiding Movement had these little trucks filled with kids and flowers.

Lovely golden pansies.

Not a happy chappie. Helen yelled out "Hey, Grumpy!" He turned and scowled at her and said, "I'm a gnome, not a dwarf!". She yelled back and said, "You're still grumpy!" It was quite appreciated by people around us.

Now, ladies, wouldn't you like to ride around in this? As a little kid by us said, "It's an Elvis car!" Good one, kid...

Imagine this coming to put your fire out...flowers and all. Cool, eh?

Unfortunately, we couldn't see all the parade as we had to be back at Toowoomba Railway Station to climb aboard our coaches for the tour around some of the the prizewinning gardens and also a couple of the parks. I'll post about those tomorrow.

One last photo for today. The heritage listed Toowoomba Railway Station. Note the iron fretwork above the awning.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Tomorrow is part three...flowers and gardens.


Jellyhead said...

That photo of 'Grumpy' is hilarious! Lovely photos Robyn.

Walker said...

Very nice floats and flowers.
Must be spring down under ;)
There is nothing like a parade to bring people out of their homes to enjoy a beautiful spring day

Gattina said...

Wow ! that looks very colorful ! We had a flower parade yesterday in Gent but I didn't go there, I went to Brussels center and enjoyed a day without cars ! that was fun to walk in the middle of the boulevards ! I also took pictures no car was in my way !

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Very good Part 2!! Glad you had such a great time..Sandy

Gypsy said...

Everyone loves a parade and some of those floral ones were very pretty. Looking forward to the garden shots.