11 October 2008

New Zealand

Next month Gabbie and I are going to New Zealand for ten days. We'll be landing in Auckland where we'll stay with Mum and Harold for a couple of nights, then we're off up to Northland for a couple of days to see Harry (who will be getting a couple of days off school, much to his glee), back to Auckland for one night to give Gabbie a chance to catch up with her godmother. After that, it's a couple of days in Rotoroa where I can show Gabbie photos of her ancestors, dressed in Maori traditional dress, hanging on the walls of the museum, then over to Whangamata Beach to stay a couple of days with my brother and SIL.

I was born in New Zealand and spent the first two thirds of my life there before coming to Australia. Gabbie left New Zealand when she was four and remembers nothing about it, so it's a good opportunity for her meet all the relatives. I usually pop over every couple of years or so, but now that Mum is getting closer to the venerable age of 90 and although she is in good health, who knows what's around the corner, I've decided to go over at least once a year now.

Anyway, Gabbie is apparently counting the days...she has a better idea of how long it is before we go than I do. As far as I'm concerned, it's "next month". Because we're driving all over the place, I decided to take out comprehensive travel insurance and was pleasantly surprised at how little it cost. $50.00 each and that covers absolutely everything from unlimited medical expenses to loss of luggage, money, cameras, damage to the hire care, you name it. About the only things it doesn't cover are pre-existing medical conditions and acts of terrorism. Not bad for the money.

Mum and Harold are coming out to the airport to meet us...not to pick us up, because I'll have the hire care, but to guide me back to their place. Apparently there's bloody great motorway now...it wasn't there last time.

Anyway, I'll take plenty of photos and tell you all about it when we come back. The only reason I've mentioned it now is because I needed something to blog about...

The Kiwi...well known emblem of New Zealand

Isn't he charming? An example of Maori carving.

The pohutukawa...these flower near Christmas time and are known as the NZ Christmas tree. They grow by the beaches and it is said that the earlier they flower, the longer and hotter the summer. Whatever, they're absolutely spectacular trees.


Lifecruiser said...

Wow. Now you're making me very, very envious. Green of envy to be exact. I haven't thought about where you were from, until now.

Do you know that both Australia and New Zeeland is on my wish list to go? But it's on the other side of this globe from Sweden, so it's a long way to go.

If and when I go, I want to stay for at least a month. More if I can.


Pear tree cottage! said...

You will have alovely time I know and I understand how you feel being away from "mum" I too am in another state from my mum and at times would just like to walk around the corner and give her a big hug...........so please give your mum a big hug from me please!! I'll feel like you are hugging all our mums.

We will need lots of photos when you get back.

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ Great post and you have a lovely holiday to look forward to. You should have a wonderful time and so will Gabby. Glad you liked the story of the old phone, and the insults. Much better than the finger and swearing. I loved seeing your photos. Take great care,
Love and Hugs, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Hi Dear Robyn, That sounds like a lovely holiday made even better by seeing Mum and all your relatives,, Oh you will be kept so busy... Lovely pics..

Gattina said...

You lucky girl ! has Gabbie Mauri ancestors ? We learned a little more about New Zealand when Mary became princess of Danmark ! Is it far away from your place ? I have no idea !

RennyBA said...

Its a very good reason for posting as I would have loved to be there. As you might remember, I've been to Australia (Perth and Sidney), but never to New Zealand.

So please keep us posted when you go there!

In the mean time: Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead :-)

Peter said...

G'day Robyn, hope your trip home to New Zealand goes well, if I ever get tired of traveling around Australia NZ is next for me.

Walker said...

I know you're going to have a great time.
New Zealand is a eautifulk place and wish i had more time to see more of it when i was there.

Anonymous said...

Firstly I must say that I LOVED your ruminations post. No.. I adored reading every single word to tell the honest truth.

Second.. My Great Grandfather was born in new Zealand.. so I guess I have a small drop to two of the Kiwi blood in me. I have never been and am very jealous that you are going. I hope to make it over there one day.

xox Nicole

Liz said...

Oh, have a wonderful time! I'd like to see NZ but i think it's just a little too far! But I am going to see Wales play the All Blacks in November!!

angelo said...

hi Robyn, I didn't know you were a Kiwi. I had a couple of friends in high school who moved to Canada from New Zealand, they ended up moving back though after graduation. Looks like a beautiful country with lots of interesting flora and fauna, just like Australia actually. Hope you and Gabbie have a great time.

Gypsy said...

Oooh I am so envious Robyn. I visit a lady's blog who lives in NZ and somne of the photo's she posts are quite spectacular. I'd love to go there myself one day.