25 January 2009

Australia Day 2009

Tomorrow, 26 January, is Australia Day and for the last few days fourbies, utes and cars in general have suddenly sprouted Australian flags. I have a flag sticker on the back window of the car, we have one in the back yard which is there all the time. We're nothing if not patriotic, us Aussies. Flags wave in profusion at the Australian Open Tennis, which is in progress at the moment...with Australian flags making a bold display.

Flags will be very much a part of tomorrow's Big Day Out rock concert, either carried, tattooed or as articles of clothing...big business, that. Seems everyone wants to show the flag in some way as t-shirts, boardies, bikinis or underwear. But wherever or however it's worn, it's lovely to see the young ones taking pride in their country's flag.

There will be barbecues, street parties and picnics at the beach. The latter is our choice this year. We've had barbecues and parties in years past so this year it's time for a change and that change will be the beach. Suzie (aka Flossy) has organised it and doled out food for us to prepare and bring. My job is bread rolls and non meat fillings.

I found some yummy 12 pack rolls at the supermarket and bought two...one of sesame seed rolls and the other multigrain. I'm slicing and cutting up tomatoes, onion, red capsicum; bought a big bag of various lettuce types and will boil eggs and mash up avocado with lemon juice to stop it going brown. My eldest daughter is bringing various meats. A granddaughter is making desserts and Flossy is bringing nibblies...dips, cheeses, crackers, etc. Others will be bringing stuff as well. We will have such a feast. We're all taking our own drinks and I bought a 2.5 litre drink esky and will fill that with iced water.

So, that will be our day. I'll take the camera and get some photos to show you. The weather forecast is for the odd shower, but who cares? The ocean's wet anyway...


RennyBA said...

Thats what I love about Blogsphere and have friends there like you: To learn about others and learn more and more about life around the globe.

Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Australia Day :-)

Btw: since we're at it:
I wish you a Happy 牛 year too!


Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ Well done on the post and have fun at the party. My post is a bit irreverant, but it's funny. Jeanette's is about the best one I think. Take care, Love, Merle.

Jack K. said...


Have a wonderful time with your celebration.

I look forward to your photos.

Jeanette said...

Gday Robyn.. Great post.. have a good fun day at the picnic..
Yarrawonga have a free breakfast at the park on my cornerand announce our Australia day Citizen of the year. but I think I might hibernate its going to be another hot day here I think 38c been forecast..have a great day and a wine or 3... love jan..

Peter said...

Hope your beach party goes well Robyn, Vicki and I are going to a party in the park where last years Australian of the year Lee Keraghan will be performing, it should be good. (about 35 degrees here tomorrow.)

Remiman said...

Sounds quite similar to our July 4th celebrations. Patriotism, good victuals, and close friends; who could ask for anything more?
Have a great fest, rain or shine!

Liz said...

Not another party!

Gattina said...

I would like to come to your party, sounds very nice to me ! The National Day in Belgium is also celebrated this way. People dig out their flags and put them in their windows. But T-shirts and other things no.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a profusion of Aussie flags on vehicles this year and it alway makes my heart swell with pride. I think I get more and more patriotic as the years go by.

TorAa said...

Happy belated Australia day.
we know whom to invite to Norway.

For a party