08 January 2009

I forgot to tell you...

...about my latest purchase. This has been on the agenda for a while and it's been so hot this summer that I bit the bullet and bought an air conditioner. Jane needed a small one, too, for her office. So after a couple of weeks of research and talking to so called "experts", we've decided on what we want and bought them. Mine hasn't arrived yet, the store are supposed to ring when it's in. As for the experts, huh! Now I know little about air conditioners, but when this idiotic salesman told me I needed a 10 kw model, which is enough to cool a large house, I knew he was talking through a hole in his head. I have a large one bedroom granny flat...I only needed a 6.3 kw model to cool the whole place! Dickhead!

Anyway, I also wanted a couple of extra power points installed in my lounge room. There were only two so I had to run extension leads for my computer and apart from looking messy, I think they're dangerous, i.e tripping one up. Jane also had, so she said, one or two things for him to do. Once she sat down and made a list, there were way more than one or two, but it made his time worthwhile coming out here.

We had this done yesterday and now I have two extra power outlets behind my computer so I can do away with the extension cords. It looks much tidier. Unfortunately, to have the air conditioners installed, we also need a refrigeration electrician. One guy Jane rang wanted $700 for each aircon. We found another guy who only charged $700 to install both and he was recommended by the electrician, who has been doing Jane and Fred's electrical stuff for years. So we're going with him.

Anyway, I can't wait to have mine fitted so I can use it. It's a split system with inverter...cheaper to run as they don't keep switching on and off and yet keep the temperature steady. It's going to make such a difference when I'm working. At the moment, the heat makes me so sleepy I can't think straight let alone type a sentence that makes sense, it's going to be wonderful.

The cats aren't particularly keen on the heat either. They usually spend the day snoozing and come out to play in the evenings and the early mornings. Actually they get a bit hyper and tear around like mad things...crazy cats.

Hope the cold isn't hitting those of you in the northern hemisphere too much and those of us in the southern hemisphere...well, we have another couple of months of heat yet. Oh, and I heard on the weather last night that Brisbane will be hit by a cyclone in about three weeks. How's that for telling the future? Seeing as we haven't had a cyclone here for about 14 or 15 years, I suspect we're probably overdue for it. The last one was Cyclone Bella in about 1994 and it was only a category one...let's hope this forecast one is that small.


Gattina said...

When I am freezing and dressed up like an eskimo had to dig out my moonboots and the heating is running like mad, you need an airconditioner ! That's really funny ! your place is very hot this year and my place unusually cold. We once had a very hot summer and bought an airconditioner for the living room, a movable, because it was soooo hot. We used it only this year never ever since !
Global warming you know !
I also noticed that once retired a lot of us suddenly need changes in the whole house, starting with repainting, new furniture and other things, lol !

Pear tree cottage! said...

Well we have had our aircon on then change it to heating then back to cooling NOW!! it is cool again.........can anyone tell me what is going on it is January in Australia "WE NEED HEAT!!!"

I loved that you could tell the salesman were to get off....laughing!!!!


Romany Angel said...

It's been an unusually mild summer so far down here in SA. I keep waiting for the inevitable 40+ degrees heatwave.

No matter how mild it is though I still need the airconditioner. I suffer terribly in the heat and can't wait for winter.

Peter said...

We have been very lucky so far this summer, its been mild in both WA & SA so far, but Adelaide's forcast is for 41 next Tuesday!!!!
Hope that cyclone stays well away from Gympie, I'd hate to get home to a vacant block of land!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

We here in the South Eastern USA have central air or also what is called a Heat Pump..We had to replace our whole thing this past summer..It is working really well..we go from using the heat here to no heat at all and the windows and doors open...The weather in the USA has been crazy lately. I still cannot get over that Las Vegas (which in in the middle of the desert) had snow!! That is just incredible. I think the weather is different all over the place now.
I don't know how you go with out some sort of air!! I just figured that you had it already..You are going to love it...Sandy

TorAa said...

May you accept, before commenting:

Happy New year

Then I agree upon:
"talking through a hole in his head"
Even our cats stay away.

You know, here in Norway it's Wintertime.
But, Winter can be exciting, without snow in the Photo's.

Here from Sunset, Jan 7)

ps. I have to go for Dinner

Mountain Mama said...

The thought of an air conditioner makes me smile as we are in the middle of winter here. Our snow is mostly gone but we have had a lot of heavy rain which caused some major flooding. I live on a hill so am not affected but I feel sorry for those who are.
When my girls lived in southern California they had air conditioning which was a god send when the santa Anna came.

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ I hop you get your air-conditioner very soon and I hope
it will make life more comfortable for you. I hope the Cyclone is just
a rumour and doesn't happen. I am glad you enjoyed the jokes and the story of Kyle. Take great care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Walker said...

Trtade you some cold for some heat :)
The AC is always good to have especially on those hot sticky nights.
I don;t have one but my house stays relativly cool ibn the summer with the ceiling fans.
700 is alot to install a AC and what was the other guiy thing that he could get double the money for half the fun Pfft

PEA said...

It's -24c here right now and I've just fed the stray kitties....don't know how they're staying warm but they came to the door at their usual time to get fed! lol I wish I knew exactly where they stay but I'm guessing it's a warm enough place otherwise they'd be frozen solid!!

I'm sure you're looking forward to having your air conditioner put in, you'll love it! I can't get over how much they're asking to install it, wow!!

Let's pray that the forecasted cyclone doesn't happen!! Scary stuff! xoxo