01 February 2009

Lucky Me

One thing Jane, Ken and I love doing is the $250,000 crossword scratch cards and we usually buy one most days. They're $5 each and we can sometimes get a little prize...$7, $12 or $25, nothing larger. Actually, I lie. About 18 months ago, Jane scratched off $750, much to her delight.

Anyway, in the last few days there is a new crossword scratchie on the market. The first prize is $300,000 and it costs $7. It's a bigger crossword and all the prizes are bigger, too. I was at the newagent's yesterday and thought I'd give one a go.

Now, I have a ritual when scratching these things. First of all, I put the shopping away, get into my shorts and T shirt, make a cup of coffee then sit down with my scratchie. So, yesterday, I prepared myself as normal and started scratching.

About 20 minutes later, to my joy, I had scratched off $70 for nine words. Isn't that a nice surprise?


Lifecruiser said...

Congrats! Do something fun with the win :-P

I hope you get some bigger ones later on, which you can buy a nice trip for.

We use to buy some too, but seldom any luck here either... Well, one can't win all the time. We had our luck in love instead, much better! *giggles*

We're doing somewhat better over here now, but the recovering is going so slow, no energy left. We'll come around soon.

Walker said...

You guys and gals are a lucky bunch over there.
The only thing I win it the paper the ticket is made of.

Jellyhead said...

Oh no - Walter said what *I* was going to say.... well, actually, I was going to say 'wahoo!'. So, um, .... WAHOO!!!!

Jellyhead said...

Sorry, that should read 'Walker'!

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ Congrats ~ every little helps doesn't it? I had never seen the Crossword Scratch Cards until Peter gave me some years ago. Have never won anything though.
We have another hot week ahead, but a little less tan the 40 s (I hope)
I also hope that Cyclone Elly isn't anywhere near you. Probably north of you. Have fun staying in January my friend. Take great care, Love, Merle.

Hootin' Anni said...

Indeed.....indeed, lucky YOU!!!!!

Gattina said...

Wow ! indeed what a nice surprise ! next time spit in your hands before scratching, close your eyes and .... you will win the 250.000 $ !

Jack K. said...


May your winnings be even larger the next time.

Now, please wish me luck on two sweepstakes I am currently following:

#1 PowerBall Jackpot

#2 The HGTV dream home sweepstakes.

Make it a great day.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Well done!!!! Robyn...............Here I am just rushing past my computer to say hi!! and you are winning money......good one!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Robyn, we have those here too but i have never played. We just do not have to money to do that..We have to keep ours for bills and you know those things that we HAVE to have..smile!! Glad to hear that you made some money..good for you..Hope your day goes great!!

Mountain Mama said...

Congratulations!!! Just think of all the new crossword Scratchies you can buy.
I don't think we have them here. At least I've never seen them.

catsynth said...

Enjoy your prizes.

We at CatSynth are quite fond of real crossword puzzles. No pot of gold for solving them, though - just personal satisfaction :)

Liz said...

I have no idea how that works but well done! I bet you have a party to celebrate!

PEA said...

You're rich! You're rich! hehe I love scratch tickets and we also have a Crossword one that I buy often. The most I've won is $100 but that was when they first came out...now I can't even win a free ticket! lol xoxo