15 March 2009

My Blogging Friends

I've just been reading all your posts and I came across Pea's in which she says she has been blogging for three years. I will have been blogging for three years in May and I was thinking about all the lovely bloggers who visit me regularly.

Some have dropped off the radar, most are still hanging in there and a few disappear for a little while then reappear. And there are always new friends to make and new places to (virtually) explore.

Two of the most interesting blogs are Toraa Mirror and Renny BA's Terella. These two gentleman and their lovely wives live in Norway and I enjoy visiting their beautiful country via their blogs. If you wish to know about the Nordic countries, visit these two blogs. Another interesting blog from very near Norway is Captain Lifecruiser who hails from Sweden. Our gregarious and very articulate Captain is a keen traveller and her blog echoes this with some very interesting posts about the places she has been to.

Nearer home we have Merle's Third Try and her brother, Holtie's House. Merle lives in Victoria and has the most amazing repertoire of jokes. Peter lives in Queensland and his blog deals with Australian history, interesting to Australians and overseas visitors alike. Two good blogs to visit. Next is their friend, Jeanette a lively lady also with a good line in jokes. She is another Victorian and has the most beautiful garden which she sometimes photographs and makes us drool with envy, especially her lovely pool area.

Then there is the very funny Gattina who, with her husband and five cats, lives in Belgium. She is another inveterate traveller and we get some interesting posts of her trips to Egypt and throughout Europe. Out of the five cats, the stars are Rosie, a tuxedo cat, and the long suffering Arthur, a white cat who has to put up with hijinks from Rosie. Gattina's stories about her cats are hilarious and written in Gattina's inimitable style.

I could go on but these are a few of the interesting people I visit. Other blogs of interest and too good to leave out are Gledwood and his tiny Roborovski hamsters, Walker a hysterically funny Greek gentleman who has problems with his friends, his parents and his daughters...he has a very hectic life. Liz is a lovely Welsh lady with a great sense of humour who really does have a way with words.

Those are only a few of the friends I have in my computer and I'll have to do another post about the rest of them one day. If you haven't visited any of these blogs, I promise you are in for a treat if you do so. They are all very diverse blogs and extremely interesting every one of them

Visit them and enjoy their posts. Have a laugh, learn about Australia or find some words of wisdom.


Walker said...

It takes all sort of people to make the world an interesting place to live in and the blog world is no different.

A salad is boring with just the lettuce by it self so there has to be a little extra thrown in for some color and a little bite before we all get tossed around together to create our diverse blogging world.

Jack K. said...

The blogosphere is giving truth to the statement that we share more similarities than differences.

Please give Mitzi and Bella a little scratch in the ears and chin for me.

katztales said...

Enjoy cruising the blogosphere too. Missing Mitzi and Bella! Will mosie over and see if you've updated. Are you still doing Cats on Tuesday?

Irishcoda said...

Thanks for recommending other terrific blogs to try! I am familiar with some but not all and will give the ones I haven't read a try! You have lovely kitties too!

Gattina said...

That's funny we started the same year and with 2 months difference ! I started or rather slipped into blogging in July. Before that I didn't even know what it was and had just started to use internet !
What an interesting way until today ! And I also have the same blogfriends than you except the greek guy which I just visited, I didn't know him.
Thanks for all the compliments you made to me. I always love to read about your daily life and parties with your neighbours. I think we knew each other through our cats ! I always remember when Oscar brought a toad into your bedroom !

Hootin' Anni said...

I've visited Jen, Merle, Gattina and a few more that you've listed and enjoy each and every ONE as you pointed out!!! AND.........let me mention YOUR blog.


Tink said...

I agree with you, most of them are on my reading list too. Great blogs, but so is yours!

Andrée said...

This is a great list. I know nearly all of these bloggers and your descriptions are on target!

Peter said...

A good blog review Robyn, a diverse and interesting lot.

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~ Thank you for including
me in your first list of bloggers. I
haven't been around much and have got behind, but now I am feeling a lot better thank goodness. Hope to post tomorrow. I couldn't get my blog or e mail to open yesterday.
Very frustrating. Take care, my friend, Love Merle.

Liz said...

Oh, thank you, robyn! That's sweet of you.

Doesn't time fly when you're blogging? And you're right: it is good to meet people and make 'friends' all over the world.

RennyBA said...

Dear Robyn; Please forgive me for being late to thank you for this honour! It a pleasure to be counted in as one of your friends and thanks for your kind words!

I do agree - we learn a lot from reading each others blog and you know my saying; 'Blogging connecting People' and I count my blessings to be connected to you :-)

Lifecruiser said...

Awwwww.....That's just so sweet of you to mention me among all those other great bloggers!

I do agree with you - a lot, since I also know many of those bloggers. Really interesting and personal blogs.

Now I'm blushing because I'm here a bit late.

I've been soooo busy lately with all sorts of things, I have a verrrry long TO-DO list. Phew.

One of them have been to book a new trip actually. Remember the secret trip, the xmas gift to hubbys daughter? It's finally booked. 1-8 of May. Yep.