08 August 2009

It's been a week of sad news and good news

My ex had his brain surgery earlier this week...a five to six hour operation, but he appears to have come through it pretty well. The surgeons are confident all the tumour has been resected but he will be in Neurointensive Care for a week and then in an ordinary hospital ward. Hopefully, there have been no untoward after effects.

Later I heard that my granddaughter's first serious boyfriend was killed in a car crash on the Saturday night which left her pretty shattered when she heard that, as she'd only been talking to him earlier in the day. Even though they'd split up, the first serious relationship is one you never forget, so it affected her quite badly.
Then mum rang last Saturday and poor Harold had been back in hospital with his bladder cancers from which he had been clear for the past couple of years. Unfortunately, he suffered a blood clot in one of the ureters post op and had to stay in hospital for three days. He was pretty fed up with himself by that time, but he kept himself occupied by visiting bedbound patients and having a chat to them.
Today, mum rang again and I was a little alarmed, wondering if Harold was okay. But this time it was about her 90th birthday which is in December. My brother, me, my eldest daughter and her husband and little boy and another granddaughter had decided to fly over for a surprise. But when mum told me she was planning somewhere we could all dance, I realised she would need numbers for the booking, so I had to tell her we were coming over. She was thrilled to bits. But today she rang and said that it was not going ahead. She couldn't get a venue, a lot of people couldn't come on 12 December, so she changed it to the fifth and then others couldn't come and she was getting stressed out. So she decided against it and Harold is going to take her away to some posh place to stay for a few days.
I could understand that. At her age, she shouldn't have the stress. It's her day and it should be enjoyable. So I think what Harold has planned is a lovely idea.
As I now don't have to think about about booking the cats into the cattery, arranging flights, etc., I've decided to get on and plan my 65th birthday bash in January. So the band is booked. I had to do that first...without them, there's no party!
I've decided to have a good birthday every fifth year until I'm too doolally to remember when my birthday is. So...the 65th is the first big one. I shall keep you posted...


Gattina said...

As you say, good and very bad news ! Must have been quite a shock for your granddaughter. Even if it would only be somebody I just know, it's always terrible to hear about a car accident.
Your mom wanted to dance ?? she must be in a very good shape and if you follow her you can hire a lot of bands for the future, lol !
65 ! that's a round number I am on route 66 now !

Remiman said...

A bitter sweet week for sure. Turning ninety and still able to look forward to a special outing with your fella is awonderful thing. Makes 65 look younger all the time now doesn't it?

Gledwood said...

Brain surgery... not nice. I can't imagine how you'd feel when you wake up. Nasty business ....

Gledwood said...

ps can't REMEMBER when your birthday is. You mean the celebration or the actual day...?

Jack K. said...

Wow, it doesn't rain but what it pours some days.

My best to you all in good times and not so good times.

Early Happy Birthday to you and Mum.

Every fifth year sounds like an excellent plan.

Take care, kiddo.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Sorry to hear about your sadness but also wanted to share with you that your birthday is only a month before mine...We will be 65 about the same time..What JOY!! Right? My hubby turns 65 Sept 1st and I just cannot believe it at all..seems so wrong!!
Hope your mom has a great birthday. She should not be the one that is stressing about something for herself. Glad that she is doing something that will bring her joy and no stress.
Hope you have a great day or guess it would be night...smile..

Cindy said...

I hope all goes well.

Margaret Cloud said...

Hope your ex recovers from his brain surgery okay. Sorry about your grand-daughters boyfriend. I am saying a prayer for Harold, those blod clots can be nasty things. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

diane said...

Hope you don't have any more sad news. Birtday bash sounds fun . I'm over then now. I had a big one for 60 and now can't be bothered. I enjoy going out for lunch or dinner with a bunch of friends. See my Birthday Bear Blog.

Birthday Bear

Pear tree cottage! said...

Robyn.........cuddles to you for the good and the bad news.....a birthday bash now that sounds wonderful.


Peter said...

A "happening" week there Robyn, probably a good one to be over .

Hootin' Anni said...

I do hope your dear husband continues to improve and will be home soon. Surgery of any kind makes the body go into shock and takes time to heal.

Then, the car crash. Ohhhhhhh, how chilling to read such a thing...so, so sad. And on top of that she had just talked with him only hours prior. Life sometimes is not fair. Hope she mends quickly too.

Alice said...

Best wishes to those with health issues in your family, Robyn.

I hope the birthday celebrations are enjoyed by all, whether they be a quiet meal or a big birthday bash.

Liz said...

I love your mum! Can i come to your birthday party?!

Hope granddaughter will cope okay.

lupie said...

Here's a big hug! Hope more good news and vibes are on their way to you!

katztales said...

What a mixed week it's been. Hope the next one is all good news!

Merle said...

G'day Robyn ~~ I am glad your es is over the operation and hope he recovers well. Sad for your grandaughter and so many young people die in accidents. Also hope Harold gets well. You Mum must be
full of fun - I hope she has a
wonderful birthday. I hope she dances

Glad you enjoyed the jokes.
Take care, Love and hugs, Merle.

PEA said...

I do hope that your ex is recovering well from his surgery. How sad about your granddaughter's first serious bf being killed in a car accident...as you say, the first love is one you never forget so it's no wonder she's taking it so hard. As for Harold, I also pray that he has no more problems for a long while now!!

What a shame that your mom's 90th birthday party had to be cancelled. That's what happens though, it's always so hard to set a date when everyone can be free to come. At least it sounds like YOUR birthday party will happen:-) I so wish I could be there!! xoxo