29 September 2009

And the Kookaburra Just Sat there

Yesterday, about 5.30 pm, I was leaving Ken's place after having a cup of coffee and watching the Antiques Roadshow. As I stepped out the door, I saw the kookaburra to my right, sitting on the handlebars of the one of the boys' bikes, waiting for Ken to come with some meat. The next thing, there was a loud whistling tweet and a long tailed bird flew over my head and landed on the roof. Mitchell was also outside and we both wondered what sort of a bird it was.

It sat on the edge of the roof looking at us and started walking up the gable. Although we were all there including the dogs, the bird didn't seem at all perturbed. We hazarded a guess it was someone's pet...an Alexandrine parrot which we don't get in the wild in our region. Fred went to get some wild parrot seed and I rushed to get the camera but by the time we got back the mynahs had chased it away. It was such a pretty bird...green with a palish head with a touch of red and a very long tail. I doubt very much it will survive in the wild, which is such a shame.

Meanwhile, the kookaburra just sat there...

What is all the fuss about?

Where is that man with my meat.


Cindy said...

I wonder what it was? The kookaburra is kind of cute. I don't remember if I saw one live there. I did see (sp) gallas?

Peter said...

Where is that man with my meat.

Ya should be careful what you type Robyn.

Gattina said...

Since I met the Kookaburra for the first time in 2006 on an Australian blog, a picture with sound, I declared it to my favourite bird ! He is too funny already the looks and then this laughter !!
I saved the link in my favourites, and sometimes when I want to make fun of someone I suggest to listen to the beautiful song of a very exotic Australian bird and then ... click !
You should see the faces of the people !!

Anonymous said...

It's my first time to see a kookaburra even in a picture. I think it's a cute and cuddly bird.

Boo-Bah said...

I doon't think I have ever seen a Kookaburra before, well maybe at the zoo. It is so cute!


RennyBA's Terella said...

This really takes me down the memory lane since when I was in Perth about 15 years ago. There was this bird singing in the morning where we where staying and I still remember the tune.
It's kind of Australian national bird, isn't it?

Remiman said...

Never met a Kookaburra I didn't like. Then again; I've never met a Kookaburra.
You're all afutter with avian news today. Are you living in a sanctuary?
Rawk and away,

Tinsie said...

That's a *very* strange-looking bird!