15 November 2009

Bloggers' Gathering in Norway 2010

This is soooo exciting.   RennyBA is organising a Bloggers' Gathering in Oslo in August 2010 from 18th to 22nd.  I'm hoping I can get the necessary together to attend.

If you are interested, go to Renny's blog and find out all about it.  He's going to a lot of trouble organising good deals on rooms, trips and activities during that time.  Of course, he and his wife, Diane, will get to meet other bloggers as well.

I have plans to attend and to also see other parts of Europe as well...Holland to see my grandson, Belgium to meet Gattina and her five cats, Ireland to look for my ancestors and also Italy for no reason other than I've always wanted to go there.

However, to do all that, I'm going to have to put head down and bum up and save like mad...or go on the streets.  I think the second option would be an incredible failure so I'll just save.  Besides, I haven't the energy...

Of course, I could try and get my book published, but it really needs to be completed first...makes sense, doesn't it?

Anyway, have a look at Renny's website...he really is going to a lot of trouble and he assures me that in August the weather is lovely and warm...that's for all those people who, like me, hate the cold.  And the sun is still shining at 9 pm...now I really like the sound of that, as Queensland does not have daylight saving.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend...I must do some blogger visiting.


RennyBA's Terella said...

Dear blog friend! What a nice post and you know we really hope you'll be able to join us!

Your are one example of why I make an efforts to plan for this: We met 3 or 4 years ago in Blogsphere - become regular readers on each others blogs - made friends and enjoyed our companies by visits and comments. One day we have to meet up you know!

Looking forward to enjoy the long summer-nights in Oslo in August with you and I hope a lot of your regular readers and blog friends know they are welcome too!

backpacking philippines said...

hi! also want to go too Norway but it's too far from me and the date is too close to my mother's birthday...thanks for the anzac day comment on my blog, i remember visiting the memorial in Sydney last june :P

Remiman said...

I'll give the idea some serious consideratio.
My friend's, who adventures with me, wife is from Holland and they haven't been back for a visit since the seventies. So, we'll see whar we can see.
Thanks for the heads up.

Liz said...

Come to Wales too! We'll put you up. x

Tinsie said...

I suspect a Norwegian's definition of "warm" is different to an Australian's, but either way Oslo is well worth visiting. I hope you make it over. I'm planning to go too, work and other commitments permitting.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL...with all the alternative ways of making money to have you attend the Oslo Gala...I think the one, saving, is best!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a glorious week. [I really didn't realize Australia had a cyclone season! I learned something from you today]

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Good luck with the saving and I do hope you will be able to go to Norway and the other places and meet blogger friends.
Thanks for your comments and I am glad you liked The Gift of Love story and the stammering kitty.
I am glad your weather is warmer and you and the cats are happy.
Actually so am I, as it was 34 and cooler here today and down to 10 tonight so will have a better sleep
Take care, Love and Hugs, Merle.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Oslo! Wonderful!!!!!!!! I so wish that I could attend.

PEA said...

Oooooh how I wish I could join you all over there! It sounds like it will be so much fun and how wonderful it would be to meet. This will be a dream vacation for you and imagine being able to see Holland, Belgium, Ireland and Italy!! I tried making money on a street corner once and only made $2...I'm talking about checking my lottery ticket at the corner store, silly!!!! hehe

How very sad to read of Shelby's death...losing a beloved pet is never easy so my heart goes out to Fred & Jane. xoxo

Gattina said...

My holiday schedule for next year is already booked, there is no space for Oslo unfortunately !

Anonymous said...

I am certainly going as well to support my dear friend Renny and of course meeting other nice and wonderful bloggers as well!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Looks like you have not blogged in a long time too..What is happening to all of us?? Hm!! I just cannot seem to get everything done anymore..
Write when you can..

Tamara said...

ohhh how awesome.I'm SO glad I popped in today and read this.I have a sister I have BEEN planning to go see in Europe(Germany),and wouldn't that be awesome to get to do BOTH?
Headed to his site to investigate more.
What a good thought,I MUST put into action!
Take Care

Margaret Cloud said...

This leaves me out, I do not fly, I am scared stiff to even think of getting on a plane. Have a nice Sunday and thanks for coming by.

TorAa said...

We will all do what we can to encourage you relating your book-project.
The premium is a voyage to Oslo Blog Gathering 2010. On top of that you will be invited to see Norways best kept secret: Rosa and Felcia.

Mountain Mama said...

It sounds like a wonderful time. I hope you will be able to go.
Too bad about Shelby. It's so heartbreaking to lose our dear pets.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Thanks for your comments
and I am glad you liked the jokes.
Have enjoyed having Peter for 5 days. He has gone on to see Vicki now. Said he may call on the way home. I hope he does. We had a hectic storm today wind and heavy rain, but it has knocked the temp down to low 20s. I love it.
Take care, dear friend, LOve, Merle.

Lifecruiser said...

Oh, we would really LOVE to meet you in Oslo! Yes, we're of course attending since we aren't that far away from Oslo.

I'll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed that you'll make it with your savings. The trip plan sounds AMAZING!!!!

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