12 March 2010

Good Things Come in Threes?

My eldest daughter rang me, quite incoherent with excitement.  The reason?  She'd won a car!  It's a Hyundai Getz (like mine).  When I asked her what she was going to do with it as it was too small for their family and they have a 4WD anyway, she wasn't sure.  However, later on she rang again and told me she had decided what to do.  She's going to give the car to her mother-in-law, who has an ancient enormous old station wagon that costs and arm and a leg to fill up with petrol.  Plus it's almost on its last legs and she doesn't like driving it too far.

So by giving her MIL the new car, my daughter is giving her more freedom and independence.  As you can imagine, her hubby is rapt.  But they're not saying anything to MIL as yet.  My daughter is going to ask her to come to the presentation and when she gets the keys, is going to go over and give them to her MIL.  Isn't it exciting??  I've asked her to let me know when the presentation is and I'll try to get some photos.

Then I had another phone call today from my younger daughter, who also sounded over the moon, and she is moving closer to a place with 3 acres so she can have her vege garden, chooks and a goat!  She wants a milking goat so she can make goat's milk cheese (which I love) and also for the milk.  So it's all go for her as she moves on 27 of this month. 

Also, their netball club has been given a $96,000 grant from the local council to go towards upgrading and adding new netball courts.  They found out from a journo from the paper who was at the council meeting last night...they didn't know until then! 

I went to my writing group last night and we have decided to put out an anthology at the end of this year.  So our assignment for next month's meeting is to do a draft of an essay we'd like to put in the book.  We['re all pretty excited about it because our group has only been going for about 14 months and membership is growing all the time.

That's my news for the moment.  I hope the world is treating you well.


Alice said...

That's almost too much excitement to contain in one post. What a wonderful surprise for your daughter's MIL, and a lovely thing for her to do.

Three acres for goats, vegies, etc. sounds perfect. Just what I'd love if I was a few decades younger. I was getting so frustrated yesterday about all the things I used to do so easily - particularly in the garden - but are now slower and more painful. Still, I should be thankful that I have the time to do them, even if it does take longer.

It's good to have a goal to work towards with your writing group. Ours has become more of a social group now and we're doing very little writing, which is a pity.

Jack K. said...

WOW! All kinds of great things are happening to some great people. I always say that what you give is what you get.

Will your writing group publish the anthology? I started a blog for my coffee mates, the Old Bastards. It is a place where we can post our War Stories. Let me know if you decide to do that. I would love to read them.

Cindy said...

Exciting things are happening there! Congrats to your daughter and isn't it wonderful of her to give the car to her MIL.
How exciting for your other daughter to move to a place where she can farm. What is a chook?

Gledwood said...

Everything comes in threes!

Gledwood said...

Everything comes in threes!

Gledwood said...

Everything comes in threes!

Sorry couldn't resist...

Gattina said...

she won a car ???? and I never even won a Teddy Bear ! What a lucky girl ! and so generous to give it to MIL ! I don't know if I would like goat milk I don't even like cow milk. But I love the cheese !
You all seem to be on a luck trip ! Now you should win a journey to Europe and it would make your day perfect !

Cathy said...

Hello there
Found you at Pea's place but she's not home so dropped in here to say hello.
Sounds like there's a lot of happy people in your life at the moment. Funding is hard to get at the moment so lucky netball club to get that grant.
Will be back another day to read some more of the day to day happenings in your blog
Take care

Margaret Cloud said...

Seems like your family is on an up swing, I am very happy for all of you, wow a car. I won 10 bucks once, ha, ha. Have a nice weekend. Thanks for coming by.Will be looking for photos if you go there for the presentation.

Lee said...

Wow! What great news all round! It's so nice to read/hear happy news like that. I'm sharing your feelings of joy, Robyn.

Have a great weekend!

The Chair Speaks said...

Wow! Certainly is a lot of excitement.

Thank you for visiting. I remember watching Daktari in my younger days and waited till the end of the show just to look at Clarence's crossed-eyes :)

Liz said...

What fab news and what a generous thing for your daughter to do.

Have you thought about what to write for the anthology yet?

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ What great news all round, not to mention Gabby's car.
I am so glad for your daughters and
it is great to hear good news.
Good luck with your essay writing.
Thanks for your comments and our storm was the first in 100 years so hopefully was a once only storm.
The floods have been awful in Q'ld
and seem to be going for a long while. Ad you must be sick of rain
up there. I have a granddaughter
near Brisbane and she is sick of rain. Take care, Love & Hugs, Merle.

Tinsie said...

Sounds like there's cause for celebration all round!

P.S. I hope your daughter's MiL isn't reading your blog ;-)

Angelo said...

Wow Robyn! She won a car?! I wish I could win a car...

Walker said...

Wow wow wow

Hold on let me catch my breath.
Wow, you daughter is not only lucky but has a heart of gold.
Must get that from her mother.

RennyBA's Terella said...

Woooow, lucky - lucky! I saw the post with the pick of the car too - a beauty :-)

Btw: Sorry I have not been around that much lately; Busy at work and with planning for the Oslo Blog Gathering (miss you're program fee booking?)